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Sneak Peek at Joon’s Tempation

July 15, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Joon 500x750
At the entrance a tall, lean, lock-jawed attendant scowled from his booth. “Identification.” Filthy Earth whore.

Joon controlled an urge to cringe at his crude thoughts. The same man had directed Joon’s guards several times each week the government was in session for more than a year. His thoughts left no doubt he recognized her. She produced her ambassador badge for his scan.

Dirty slut. He pretended to consult a display. “There are no slots available. Try the visitor area.”

Five open slips lay in her line of sight. She considered changing his mind, but rejected the tempting idea. She still had plenty of time to rendezvous with her guards. The heady opportunity for few more minutes alone softened the gatekeeper’s blatant disrespect. She checked behind her and reversed away from the entrance.

A sleek, iridescent purple skimmer swooped in to fill the space she had vacated. She recognized Cornish, a newly appointed representative from the south quadrant. The attendant waved the junior councilman ahead without so much as a glance at his shiny new identification badge.

Temper raced through her veins, heating her cheeks, she popped the canopy, hoping for the relief of cool breeze. Determined not to let these Goddess blighted males provoke her, she breathed through her unseemly anger as she entered the underground public docks.

Distracted by the inner turmoil she missed the group of young men in short pants and loose shirts moving closer until they’d surrounded her tethered skimmer. The dimly lit docking area was deserted. They had taken positions on either side of the slim vessel blocking her exit.

She was exposed and trapped, but hardly helpless.

The tallest snatched her ignition fob then folded his arms emphasizing budding biceps and leered. She’s an earth slut, has to be. What’s she doing here?

A gangly youth across from him with red hair and pale blue eyes squinted at her chest. She’s so scrawny, but I bet her sex is soft.

Another boy, a blond, with a fish tattoo on his forearm and too many square teeth, slammed her side hatch shut when she tried to release it. “Not so fast, bitch.” She’s going to feel way better than my fist. I want to strip her stupid clothes and pound into her until she screams.

The fourth, a stocky child with straight black hair, stared at her, palming his erect shaft. She wants my cock. Don’t worry baby I’m going to fuck every hole you’ve got.

Shock from their graphic thoughts slowed her reaction time. A glance at the bulge tenting the blond’s baggy pants snapped her back to reality. These boys intend to rape and quite possibly kill me.

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