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Meanwhile back in the real world…

July 22, 2014 | Real life

writer at work a

When I first started writing for publication I spent every spare hour tapping away at the keyboard blissfully unaware there would ever be anything else involved. All those boring bits, edits, covers, formatting,and marketing were handled by expert specialists. This was actually fairly true for my early works. Cover art with no relationship to the story, glaring text errors–all mine :blush: and formatting that jarred the reader’s tender eyes left me weeping in frustration, desperate for a chance to improve the publication process.

Now I spend hours designing covers, revising, editing, proofing, formatting, and marketing those same books. To my amazement, none of these tasks are a bit boring. Every pass with a manuscript improves the story and that’s still my driving force–a passion to give readers the best story I possibly can.

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