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More on setting

August 26, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Last week I talked about setting here. Today I’m using Zaynah’s first impression of Ranin Seven, the moon she’s suppose to infiltrate as an example.

The dark side of moon loomed into view—black, rocky, and barren.

Zaynah shivered imagining the minus ninety degrees Celsius temperature.

The sphere’s surface was so dark she couldn’t distinguish a single feature. There should be evidence of the massive duranium mining operation, a biosphere, and life signs. None of those were visible. The ship’s sensors registered no activity.

Without warning, a plume of fiery red sparks wafted from a column of lava rising close to fifty kilometers in length. The eruption disappeared as fast as it had risen, subsiding back into the remote moon’s surface. She blinked away tears from the searing brightness, wondering if she’d just hallucinated the phenomena.

Is there enough detail for you to visualize the scene?

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