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On setting

August 22, 2014 | Fan Friday

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Back when I began writing, setting was the physical location and time period where the story happened. The idea of setting as something more first sank in while reading Dwight Swain’s The Selling Writer, highly recommended by the way.

Here’s a snippet from the section that opened my mind to new possibilities:

“You need to remember three key points about the world in which your story takes place.

1. The reader has never been there
2. It’s a sensory world.
3. It’s a subjective world.”

Writing sci-fi adventures set in remote galaxies, I can’t assume my hapless readers have any concept of my story world. Therefore it’s my job to give them enough detail so the poor dears aren’t utterly lost.

This challenge is compounded by the need to eschew anything too mundane. Similes, colloquial expressions, and slang too reminiscent of Earth will pollute the alien setting. Fortunately decades of popular science fiction titles preceded my tales, giving readers a common vocabulary of hyper-light speed, par secs, blasters, and the like.

Do you have a favorite book where the setting is inseparable from the story?

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