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Romancing the Book Reviewed Simply Irresistible

August 15, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


The gracious reviewe, Vitoria mentioned she’d like to see more these characters and the small town where much of the story happens. Sterling Falls is very much alive in my mind, so is the Crucible, the exclusive BDSM club featured in the book. At the moment my schedule is full, but I’d love a chance to write more of the Masters’ adventures as well as those of the the extended Sterling family.

Here’s a snippet from Victoria’s five star review:

“As Tiana and Liam get to know each other the danger increase as someone wants Tiana and Liam out of the way. The chemistry in and out of the bedroom is explosive. I loved that while Tiana was a submissive she was not willing to lay down and do whatever her Dom told her to. She had a brain on her shoulders and used it.” The entire review is available here.

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