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The mysterious case of the missing royalty checks from Ellora’s Cave

September 15, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

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Three years ago Ellora’s Cave contracted Warriors’ Woman and I was thrilled. Here’s my original post announcing Warriors’ Woman had been contracted.They went on to publish two more of my books. I loved my editor, thought their cover art was brilliant, and was very fond of the regular royalty checks.

Yesterday I deleted those covers from my website, which makes me want to sob.

I still adore those stories, but Ellora’s Cave isn’t paying me. I sent them formal notice requesting payment and the reversion of my rights. I received an automated response to both emails stating they’re overwhelmed with requests.

There’s plenty of speculation on what’s going on with Ellora’s Cave. I have no special insight into their corporate affairs, but not paying bills is a bad sign.

Please don’t buy my Ellora’s Cave titles. Warriors’ Woman, Warriors’ Wife and Simply Irresistible are being offered for sale on Ellora’s Cave’s website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance, and other third part sites. It kills me to discourage sales, but since I’m not being paid, I don’t want the publisher benefiting from my blood, sweat and tears work.

Thank you for your support gentle readers!



Posted by Evanne @ 7:10 pm  

7 Responses to “The mysterious case of the missing royalty checks from Ellora’s Cave”

  1. Allie Ritch Says:

    Wow. I’ve been hearing about this online from several authors. So sorry to hear you’re having to deal with this, Evanne.

  2. Evanne Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, Allie. U don’t think they’re paying any of their authors, so I have lots of company. :sad:

  3. Sheila Says:

    That sucks. I hope you retained your rights to the stories. Cut your losses and regroup. You’re the strongest woman I know. Not to mention talented. Let me know if I can help.

  4. Evanne Says:

    Thanks Sheila, you brightened my day. They don’t seem to understand the breach of contract concept. The worst part is spending time and energy on dealing with a publisher who’s in default rather than writing. I don’t plan to waste much more effort on pestering their employees, who have no power effect a remedy. Damn, now I’m talking like a lawyer. :lol:

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