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Snippet from TEY, Demon Hunter II

October 3, 2014 | Fan Friday

Tey  500 X 750

DUEC, Demon Hunters III releases this month. Each book stands alone, but I prefer to read a series in order. For those gentle readers that share my preferences here’s a snippet from Tey and Miranda’s adventure.



The last rational part of Tey’s thinking shrank to a distant hiss of concern as he ground his built-in package protection against her soft belly. “Duec was right. I need release.”

He angled to graze her silken lips, dipping lower to kiss his way to where he’d slipped the third blouse button from its hole.

“Now?” she huffed against the short hairs on the side of his neck.

He didn’t detect any alarm in her seductive voice, but the blood pounded so hot and heavy in his head that a freight train’s warning whistle would have been hard to catch.

At least she hadn’t said no. She should have. Then he might have died a male of honor. Now he waged a hopeless battle with every cell of his being to keep from claiming her.

She was delicious and aroused, but she wasn’t ovulating, so he was spared the shame of forcing her into a permanent bond.

Just one boarding the eternal commitment train. Him.

He reached for the knob of a supply closet. Not a great setting for their first time, but it beat the hall.

Miranda clawed at his arm, clear panic hiked her alto up a full octave. “What are you doing?”

“Arranging a little privacy.”

“In there?” Her beautiful eyes widened to saucers.

He dipped his chin slow and careful in an affirmative, hoping to soothe her fears.

“No way.” She shook her head vehemently.

“Okay.” She didn’t like closets, fine. The walkway worked. He wasn’t shy.

The least he could do was make this first round of sex pleasurable for her. Not much hope there either. His control was on a short, frayed leash.

His whisker-roughened chin rasped across a stiffened nipple, and he blindly captured the peak in his mouth, sucking her tender flesh hard right through her shirt and bra. While he suckled her taut nub, he teased the other tip, rolling it between thumb and fingers.

Miranda moaned and arched closer, giving herself to him as sweetly as a well-trained submissive. Grateful for her generous gift of trust, he switched nipples, he took his time torturing the other peak with lips, tongue, and teeth.

A satisfying feminine whimper encouraged him to snake his right arm under her skirt where he slipped under the edge of delicate lace panties. The thin barrier was damp with the intoxicating scent of her chocolate cream. He pushed the flimsy material aside and stroked her swollen sex.

She gasped, and her legs parted, giving him more room.

Thrilled to find her so slick and ready, he panted for a second or two as his fingers danced through the
silken folds and flutes, spreading liquid excitement from her core to her clit again and again.

“Please.” She gasped, wriggling against his hand.

“Don’t move.” He skimmed the scrap of lace down her legs. Crouched at her feet, he demanded, “Step out of them.”


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