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Snippet from Slave Market

November 18, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Slave Market 500x750
Cassie lapped up the tempting drop of precum from the slit in front of her. “You’re a mighty big distraction, Sire,” she murmured, nibbling the underside of the velvet soft crown.

Xyn hissed.

She wasn’t sure whether or not that was a good sound.

Then Belz chuckled and she bit back a grin, figuring Xyn couldn’t be too angry if his friend laughed.

So fast that her urge to smile hadn’t completely passed, he slung her over one broad shoulder then nipped her large, round, and very tender ass.

Her head reeled and not just from hanging upside down. He’d picked her up and flipped her over with so much careless ease she might have been a sack of syn-down.

“I want a piece of that,” Belz said wistfully.

“Once I’ve trained her properly, you’ll enjoy her even more.” Xyn licked the tiny sting away from where he’d nipped her butt.


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