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Teaser Tuesday

November 17, 2015 | Teaser Tuesday

I’m pretty much done with polishing and enriching LIAM (the book formerly known as Simply Irresistible). Now I’m working on the all new epilogue. The new version should be available at a new, more reasonable price early next month.

For now here’s a snippet:

New frissons of sensual awareness fired faster in Tiana’s nervous system. Her heartbeat raced to keep up with the urgent demand and her lungs heaved to grab enough oxygen. Connection, chemistry, magic—labels didn’t matter. Neither did why she responded to Liam and no one else. Her reaction to him was as natural and instinctive as blinking at a brilliant light.

He traced her lips with a work-roughened thumb.

She briefly wondered what he did when he wasn’t mesmerizing submissives. Then he covered her mouth in a fierce kiss, making her open for him and press closer. A surprisingly silky caress from his mustache brushing her face registered. The slow burn from smooth whiskey and rough man teased her taste buds.

He’d barely touched her and her carefully constructed barriers were crumbling.

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