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Teaser Tuesday

November 24, 2015 | Teaser Tuesday

Another snippet from LIAM:

Reflex caused Tiana to tug against the restraints, but her arms were securely bound. Nymph, nymph, nymph shrieked in her head. Her breathing hitched. She tensed, waiting for the choking panic she’d felt when Richard restrained her, but the paralyzing fear never happened.

He stepped behind her and tested her cuffs carefully. Apparently satisfying himself they weren’t either too tight or too loose.

Strangely, his matter-of-fact handling made her even hotter. Her breasts swelled, the tips grew tauter, her sex moistened and softened. All she cared about was that he hadn’t rejected her.

Relief surged, melting more of her fear. She darted a swipe across her parched mouth.
Master Liam stood behind her, near enough for her to bask in his heat. She reached back with her cuffed arms, barely grazing the thick length of his arousal.

“Problem, pet?” His hand collared her neck, startling a squeak from her.

“I want to touch you, Sir.” She swallowed again.

“I’ll let you touch me as much as you like…another time.” He circled her, keeping his firm hold on her nape, and leaned close. Instead of the intoxicating kiss she craved, he nipped her already tender lower lip then lapped the bite. “So sweet.”

The gruff compliment barely registered. She was stuck on his offhand mention of another time and all the possibilities implied.

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