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December 1, 2015 | Teaser Tuesday

Liam II

Releasing December 8th, 2015! Here’s the last snippet:

“Why have you been away from the club, Sir?”

Tiana’s gaze skirted around his face, avoiding the dark orbs that seemed to see right through her skin. The crinkles at the corners of his eyes tightened and smoothed.

There was no trace of paler skin to mark frequent smiles and shared laughter.

“Two reasons—business and a lack of pleasure.”

Intuitively she sensed a test in his clipped response. She wanted to ask what had happened to his former slave, but didn’t have enough nerve to probe deeper. She sought another conversational prompt. The steady, low-level buzz from the vibrator made it hard for her to concentrate. Long moments passed in thickening silence without her finding a single safe topic. She was so bad at this. Master Lewis was right. She pushed too fast too soon.

“Last spring I quit topping a longtime slave and needed some distance.” Old pain buffeted his sparse explanation.

His voluntary response warmed her, more so because something told her he didn’t explain himself often. This wasn’t easy for him either. She heard the hurt in his tone and empathized.

“Releasing her hurt you, Sir.”

“You’re kind. The truth is I couldn’t give her what she needed. There’s nothing worse than failing a submissive who has given you her trust.”

Certainty overrode Tiana’s caution, making her braver.

“You would have never deliberately failed her. Sometimes circumstances are beyond anyone’s control, even a Master’s, Sir.”

“Not an easy fact to accept.” One corner of his mouth tugged into a crooked, bleak smile. “I won’t repeat the mistake.”

He’s going to dismiss me.

Disappointment leached most of her nerve. She shivered, bracing for his rejection.
With a spurt of courage, she reminded him, “You did say I could ask questions, Sir.”

“True.” His harsh features softened. “I didn’t expect you to ask such tough ones.” He tilted her head and lowered his, bringing their mouths into perfect alignment. He held her in place—their lips no more than a breath apart. “You’re a dangerously perceptive little slave.”

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