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Teaser Tuesday

January 12, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday

Liam II

Last week I added a deleted scene from LIAM to the free reads second on my website, which reminded me how much I love this book. Here’s a little snippet that always makes me smile and sigh:

Liam inhaled the familiar scents of leather, need and sex, accepting the welcome home to the Crucible.

Not even the exotic ambiance erased the sensation of the little slave’s smooth skin. Her softness lingered on his rough fingertips. Her scent, a sensual blend of citrus, vanilla and willing woman, continued to tease his sinuses and mess with his head.

She’d gone still and quiet the moment he’d touched her—a submissive right down to her elegant bones.

He’d be a lousy Dom if he failed to recognize her peaked nipples, rapid breathing and the flags of color on her cheekbones. She’d trembled with fear, but those terrors hadn’t stopped her instinctive response to him. Brave little sub.

A hunger to taste her dug in and rode him hard.

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