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Sneak Peek at KYLE

October 25, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


Another teaser from KYLE, Sterling Falls II releasing November 8th!

He leaned over, framing her face—holding her still for a kiss. His lips feathered over hers, light and maddening, until she got brave and nipped his lower lip.
A deep chuckle carried notes of coffee and cinnamon along with his own addictive flavor. The rich taste aroused her senses.
His laughter ended abruptly as he captured her mouth, deepening the kiss, sending his tongue into to tangle with hers, exploring every centimeter, and claiming all of it.
Intoxicated by him, she never considered any alternative to unconditional surrender.
He kicked off his boots, snuggling in with her.
The room hadn’t changed since she left for college. Stretched out in the frilly bed, he should’ve have looked ridiculous.
He didn’t. Even though he was as out of place in girly ruffles as a dangerous predator bedding down in a clean stable.
Dark, rough, and thrillingly dangerous, he dominated the room—dominated her.
Her breathing grew faster, her heart pumped harder, her breasts swelled while her sex plumped and slickened, obviously her body had no problem with being dominated.
A heavy thigh pinned her legs in place. A powerful arm banded beneath her hyper-aware breasts. A roughened palm curled possessively over her right breast. His thumb brushed the excited nipple, making it stiffen further until it had pebbled into an achy peak. Her pussy wept soaking her panties.
An impressive erection pressed her hip, sending happy tingles from the top of her head to the bottom of her ticklish soles.
She’d never considered herself especially sexual. The two times she’d been intimate hadn’t included extras like tingling excitement, certainly not from nothing more than a caress.
With Kyle, she had a feeling sex would be very different.
She already burned with an unfamiliar need, constantly aware of his energy and presence, while a restless neediness made her yearn for more.
He didn’t move for long moments.
Expecting at least another toe-curling kiss, she fidgeted in tiny ways, while trying hard not to call attention to her edginess. Her face heated in a blush she hoped the darkness hid, her pulse thundered, drowning out his steady calming heartbeat as she fought to keep from panting.
His luscious lips brushed the underside of her jaw, nibbling preternaturally aware skin, and making her shiver in spite of the heat burning her up from inside out.
“You’re so sweet.”
“Must be all the holiday treats I’ve been eating.” Her inane comment came out too breathy and needy to lighten the tension arching her closer.
He didn’t respond. Perhaps because he was busy using his wicked mouth to nip and lick his way south along the tender skin to where her neck and shoulder met.
“I need more,” he growled.
Her mouth dried, stealing her voice as her wits burned away from the searing heat of his mouth. The silky babydoll nightie flew over her head before she considered raising an objection.
He reared back inspecting her exposed breasts with disconcerting thoroughness.
“You are so fucking beautiful.”

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