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Sneak Peek at KYLE

October 18, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


Here’s a snippet from KYLE, releasing next month:

“Keys.” He held out a palm.
She leaned closer and dropped them in his hand.
Unable to resist just one taste. He captured her chin and held her still for a kiss that started slow and tender then she parted for him, inviting him inside and he plundered, claiming every centimeter of sweet, silky heat as his.
After he released her, she blinked. Her breaths as fast as the pulse beating at the base of her slender throat.
His wasn’t much steadier. The kiss had lit him up like jet fuel, but he jumped out, ran around, opened her door, and lifted her out of his rig, setting her on her feet. “Okay?”
She nodded still looking a little dazed.
“Go change.” He nudged her toward the house.
“Be back in five.” She flashed a smile as if he’d done something impressive, and stretched up, brushing her lips across his.
Fuck me, she’s sweet.
Since women seemed to think five minutes meant at least twenty, he checked the time on his dad’s old Zodiac Sea Wolf and headed for her ride.
Across the slush splattered rear door someone had gotten close enough to finger scrawl “Die Satan’s whore” in block letters. The nastygram hadn’t been there when he followed her home from the party.
His stomach knotted in reaction to the invasion and ugly words as if he’d been sucker punched. He forced himself to take a deep calming breath, grabbed a handful of snow, and smeared away the hateful message.
Noelle or one of her minions had trespassed on private property. No more need to worry he’d put Cat in danger. Clearly he had. She needed protection, more than he could provide while working alone. He damn well wasn’t going to endanger her any more than he already had.
He checked his watch. She’d only been gone three minutes. He got busy transferring her gear and settled into his rig. Thankful for the chance to make a few calls, starting with Ben, their cousin Jake, and Zach, one of his old USMC pals. He’d been his spotter during his first tour until a nasty bit of shrapnel sent the marine home early. He remained a close friend and was the owner of a first class security firm based in Seattle.
To his shock, she emerged from the house, bundled in a thick parka, leggings, and fleece lined suede boots, locking the door behind her as his thumb still hovered over Ben’s name.
He pocketed the cell and scrambled out of his ride. “Nice boots, but not too practical for field work.”
“This is exactly why I asked you to move the muck boots.” She narrowed her gaze playfully. “That’s the second time you’ve compliments my footwear choice. Who trained you?”
He chuckled. “My nieces, Laurie and Mattie. Toddlers don’t bother with subtly. They’ve made the importance of noticing their shoes optic-clear.”
Cat grinned back at him, moving her from beautiful straight into bombshell territory. “I bet they’re all kinds of adorable fun.”
He sucked in a needed breath and moved to open her door. “You changed fast.”
She scrunched her face in puzzlement. “I did say five minutes.”
“You did.”
“Not used to women, who mean what they say?” she teased.
“Fair warning, I tend toward plain speaking. Right now, I’m having second thoughts about leaving the Jeep here. Why don’t I just follow you?”
“Why not help save the environment and share a ride?” He countered, not anxious to explain about the target he’d painted on her back.
“I don’t want to drag you out into cold in an hour if there’s an emergency.”
“Do they happen often?” He stalled, scrambling for a convincing argument for him handling the driving.
“Not all that often, but always at the most inconvenient times.” Her expression remained convincingly deadpan, except for the dancing eyes.
“I’m willing to risk it.” He opened the door, boosted her into his ride, and hustled around to the driver’s side.

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