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Last Sneak Peek at KYLE

November 1, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


The final snippet from KYLE, Sterling Falls II, releasing November 8th!

Cat rested her head on his chest for a moment as the butterflies in her belly settled down for a nap. Gradually her heartbeat eased back from panic and synched with his. “Thank you for being so wonderful.”
“That’s my line, kitten.” Kyle pressed a tender kiss to her temple.
“Is that Ben’s ride?” She angled her head toward the SUV.
“Yeah, he’s covering us tonight.”
How does another bodyguard help? None of us are bullet proof. She swallowed her doubts as he handed her into the car, not wanting to upset Teddy and determined to trust Kyle.
Once he was driving she asked, “Who all is going to be there for dinner?”
“Family mostly, you already know my brothers, plus any strays,” he said cheerfully.
“Will there be other kids?” Teddy leaned forward from the backseat.
“Sure, my nephews and nieces. Cal is seven, Bernie’s five, Laurie and Mattie are three. Not sure if Anya will eat with us or not. She’s sixteen and a serious computer geek.
“You’ll have plenty of company, squirt,” Cat reassured.
“That’s good.” Teddy let out a sigh of heartfelt relief.
Minutes later, Kyle held her door, Teddy bouncing anxiously at his side.
She grabbed her brother’s hand and squeezed. “We were here just a couple of nights ago, so no worries. Right?”
“Right.” He nodded, not looking at all convinced.
The front door opened and identical future heartbreakers tumbled out. One dressed in tiny jeans and red sweater with hair ribbon barely clinging to dark curls. The other girl wore snowflake leggings under a velvet dress studded with sparkling garnets.
They scrambled after a pair of gold retriever puppies busy yellowing up the snow.
“Unca Kyle get ‘em!” The velvet clad princess stamped a miniature boot.
“Not so fast, pal.” He caught a wriggly pup, holding him up for inspection. His prisoner rewarded him with enthusiastic kisses.
A mirror image twin scooted after the other wriggling puppy.
Teddy scooped up the second escapee. “You should use a leash.”
“We don’t use them in the house.” The small beauty educated him with haughty graciousness, holding out an imperious arm for her pet.
Teddy handed over the squirming puppy.
“Inside, both pups in the crate, now.” Liam ordered.
Cat caught herself from rushing to obey, stilling just in time to keep from grabbing a pup and dashing into the house. Plainly he wasn’t to her. She clamped her mouth closed and tried to act as if his narrowed gaze and stern baritone didn’t intimidate her a bit.
Not surprisingly, his regal princesses rushed to mind.

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