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DUEC, Demon Hunters III

Duec 500x750


Duec, head of the demon hunters and La Ceinture Noire’s owner, is master of all he surveys, except fate. A foreboding whispers of danger to Belinda, the damaged halfling he swore to protect. He’s willing to wait forever for her. She’s the other half of his soul, a true submissive too wounded to accept a master.

Unable to tolerate anyone else’s dominance, Belinda, contract witch to the demon hunters, plays at Duec’s club as an icy Domme. She earned her nickname, Control Queen by giving other submissives the discipline they need to find release without ever seeking personal satisfaction. No matter how skillfully she manages her subs, the only male she longs for never sees the strong mistress she’s become, only the frightened, damaged child he rescued.

His enemies strike, capturing Belinda and changing everything. Duec must save her and she must rescue him before time runs out.


Unable to hold his gaze, Belinda turned away and picked up the sculpture, surprised at its weight. The bottom of the base had been carved with a pair of Chinese characters. She gently placed the artwork back on the pedestal, lingering to enjoy the play of light inside the precious stone. “Your initials?”

For the second time, her question went unanswered. She angled so he could see her lips and repeated, “Your initials?”


“How long have you been deaf?”

His mouth tightened, a subtle, almost imperceptible change.

She read the message as clearly as he read her lips. She’d poked him somewhere tender, and he wasn’t happy. Tough. If they were going to be friends, let alone anything more, first they had to be equals. She didn’t think there was any real possibility of that happening ever. Duec didn’t bend for anyone. Not likely a mixed-blood elf witch would be his first exception. She’d never submitted to any male and couldn’t imagine doing so. Still, miracles happened. To have any hope, she needed to get over quivering in her boots and growing muzzy whenever he scowled in her direction. She folded her arms under her breasts, restrained herself from tapping her foot, and waited.

“I hear.”

“What, sirens and large explosions?” Breathiness weakened her sarcasm, but considering how close he was, she’d done well to avoid kowtowing.

“You.” He cupped her neck and pulled her nearer.

The single word in his deep rumble did sinful things way inside her belly. She had to turn her gaze away from his hypnotic eyes in order to concentrate on speaking. “You don’t hear me unless I’m facing you.”

“Not words. You.” He pressed her hand to the center of his wide chest. “In here.”

His life force pulsed, strong and steady, beneath her palm. In contrast, her heart pounded like a runaway locomotive. Duec was proud, powerful, and protective. He took care of everyone. It was impossible not to admire him. This was the first time he’d ever let her close enough to actually reveal a weakness and allow her to help him. His vulnerability awakened a fierce protectiveness in her. “You need someone to be your ears.”

His mouth quirked. “Are you offering?”

She lifted her chin, making sure he could see her face. “Yes, I have skills, and I want to serve you.”

Then he lowered his head and captured her lips, taking possession of her mouth as if she belonged to him.
Right that moment, he was correct. He totally owned her.

Duec had a lock on the distracting thing. Sure, she still had questions, but she wasn’t crazy. The male was delicious hot-fudge goodness and pure sex rolled into one tempting package. She softened and surrendered to his kiss.

While he was hard everywhere, his lips had the texture of impossibly firm rose petals. Silky smoothness crushed her mouth with enough heat to make her burn from her widow’s peak to the soles of her boots. She sizzled as his tongue danced with hers, thrusting and retreating and making her desperate for more of his addictive essence.

He released her.

A little begging might not ruin her rep. She clung to him, not entirely sure her legs were up to the job of keeping her vertical. “Kiss me again.”

Okay, her begging technique needed work, but his mouth covered hers, so she didn’t care about the lack of finesse.

The next time he broke the kiss, he gripped her shoulders, putting her at arms’ length. His greater reach and his firm grip held her as secure as if he’d restrained her with cuffs and chains fastened to reinforced eyebolts. For a few seconds, panic surged, but she locked her gaze with his. The warm ruby glow radiating from his dark irises gave her reassurance.

He stroked her arms from shoulder to wrist. “No fear.”

Right, big boy, I so wish that was true. She managed a nod that she hoped came across as crisp and decisive.

He brought her palm to his chest again. “You’re safe here.”

What a pity she couldn’t read him at all when he saw straight into her soul. She melted a little more with each breath. Soon she’d be a puddle of goo at his feet.


“With you?”


Let’s see, run off to face some horrific fate, ’cause Duec never kids about safety, or stay here and enjoy lots of hot-chocolate kisses. Yeah, I can definitely do that.

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