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A Promise of Amber

Amber 500x750

Half-fae, half-psi werewolf, Amber is always in trouble. No matter how hard she tries to do the right thing and fit in with the pack she never succeeds. She barely passes as a psi werewolf bitch. She has a natural submissive’s desire to be claimed along with dangerous powers she doesn’t understand and struggles to control. On the brink of the sexual maturity her first heat will bring, she hopes for better control of her fae magic and dreams of her promised mate.

Isolated during a Goblin attack with the strong, brave, and wonderful Tru, Amber welcomes the comfort he offers. Then simple kindness blazes into desire. Opportunity provides an irresistible temptation and they make love. She wishes he was her pledged mate not the pack Alpha, Hunter, because Tru’s already captured her heart.

Amber never realized how much an Alpha mate would scare her. Hunter is very dominant and he terrifies her. But he’s so protective of her that he can’t bear to force her obedience. Already in love with Amber himself, Tru gentles her and shares the gift of her trust with his Alpha.

But when her heat finally happens, their fragile tri-mating puts them under heavy-duty pressure and Amber’s enemies are only waiting for the right time to attack.


Amber rubbed tentatively against Tru’s chest, enraptured by the feel of his springy hair against her palms, and wondered what had happened to her.

She’d never been so bold with a male of worth — with any male. Something was changing inside her and had been for weeks. Her wild magic actually worked more often than not. She’d begun to yearn for pups of her own and long for intimacy — a precursor to her coming heat? If so, then the urges would grow even stronger. Scary thought.

Whatever the reason for her strange feelings, she didn’t want to stop touching Tru, but she didn’t want him to die for her love. No, love couldn’t be right, she didn’t really know him. This was sweet-hot lust with a male of worth that she could fall in love with so easily. The kind of male she would choose if she were free.

“I want you.” The words slipped from her lips soft and low.

“I’m yours, Honey Butt.”

The pet name surprised a throaty laugh from her. The laughter trailed off when she remembered what she needed to say to him. “I don’t want you punished for whatever happens between us.”

He shook his head, dismissing her concern. “Doesn’t matter. I’m yours. Take me, please.”

Oh, dear goddess, how she wanted him, right now before heat stole her sanity and erased her choices and turned her into a mindless slut.

“I’m promised to Hunter. If he learns we made love, you will die.”

“No, you’re wrong. Your father is dead. You don’t even know Alpha. There’s no reason to honor a meaningless pledge. We’ll tell him –”

Amber put her fingers to his lips. “The promise was given by my parents, and I am bound to honor it. Only if he releases me can I even think about what might be possible for us.”

Much as I want to.

Grasping her wrist, he lowered her arm. “You’re wrong. Let me explain it to him. Hunter will understand and step aside.”

He was wrong. She knew how proud Alphas were. Hunter would kill Tru for the violation of pack law. Tru dropped her wrist and folded his arms in front of his impressive chest.

Arguing with him wouldn’t change his closed mind. She wouldn’t risk his life, not even for the wild yearning inside her. Fear for him rippled through her, chilling her hot blood. The loss of what might have been made her eyes well with foolish tears. She blinked hard, forced herself to take calm, slow breaths, and stepped away from him. “Then there will be nothing to tell him, because nothing will happen between us.”

Tru’s face fell, and his arms dropped to his sides. “He’ll know I want you whether or not I tell him.”

Amber searched his eyes anxiously. “Hunter reads your thoughts?”

She’d heard of such things, but she’d never considered that danger.

He shook his head. “No, but he reads faces and bodies too well.”

Hope sparked back to stubborn life, fueled by hormones and wishful thinking. She moved closer, reaching out to him. He stayed still, inviting her touch, and she knew that she’d won. For a moment she considered turning away, leaving him with his lonely honor and stubborn loyalty to a selfish Alpha who cared only for his pack. Still she couldn’t walk away from the chance to experience true pleasure. Pleasure she chose.

“He would not kill you for wanting me.” Not even her father would have punished one of his enforcers for simple lust.

She found his dark nipples with trembling fingers and teased them with pinches and tweaks until they hardened into tight little points like hers. Her play pulled deep, satisfying masculine groans from Tru. Although he’d never given her explicit permission to take such liberties, he made no move to stop her.

While she marveled at his hard, hairy body, she inhaled his stirring scent, which had a tiny bit in common with her favorite cookie dough, yet so much better. The individual notes — a Gamma’s typical nutmeg, his own vanilla, and a seductive underlayer of sexy musk — melded into an already familiar blend that whispered Tru and made her chest constrict and her heart beat faster while her body wavered between tightening with tension and melting into his heat.

In spite of the disturbing side effects, his scent, his warmth, and his touch all helped fill the hollow place inside her from losing so many pack members at once. Pressed as closed as she could get to him still wasn’t enough. Perhaps being close to her first heat made her feel this way. She didn’t care. For the first time, intimacy was her choice, and she wanted — needed — more.

She nipped at one of his hardened nipples, and he caught her chin. “Watch out, Honey Butt. Turnabout is fair play in mating games.”

Mating games? Rather than slowing her, his provocative words set off a new round of excitement that made her bolder. She traced the bulge straining the front of his jeans with inquisitive fingers that tingled on contact.

He captured her hands, pinning them behind her back, and staked his claim on her mouth with a scorching kiss.

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