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Release Day!

February 7, 2017 | Cover art,Real life

The new and improved Warriors’ Wife is now available! Get your hot mech warriors now!


Barnes and Nobel

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Coming Soon Warriors’ Wife!

January 24, 2017 | Cover art

Warriors’ Wife (Seduction Missions book two) is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Really close to how I imagined Tori, except I doubt she took the time to apply fresh lipstick!

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Revamping the Sterlings

December 21, 2016 | Cover art

Remember this cover? Ellora’s Cave kindly returned the rights to publish this title and threw in the original art work. Much as I liked the tasteful photos of Sterling Falls there’s something about an almost naked man…

With that thought in mind, I revamped the second book in the series too!

What do y’all think?

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Kyle Cover Reveal

October 6, 2016 | Cover art


While I was at it, I redid Liam’s cover too!


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Release day for A Trace of Ivy

April 12, 2016 | Cover art


Here’s a final snippet:

“Thank you.” She stretched up, and he lowered his head. She placed a kiss on his jaw. Whisker stubble prickled against her lips while the brush from the edge of his thick moustache was amazingly soft. She wondered how a real kiss would feel. The strange sensation of something coming to life in her belly happened again, making her nervous and gooey all at the same time. She shook off the fanciful reaction. Now wasn’t the time to try necking.

I added a pretty new cover, tidied up the prose, and lowered the price. A Trace of Ivy is now available at:

All Romance


Barnes and Noble

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A Trace of Ivy

March 22, 2016 | Cover art,Teaser Tuesday


The right to publish A Trace of Ivy, Treeland Pack III reverted to me! A newly polished edition will release April 12!

Here’s the new and improved blurb:

Ivy craves Chet as much as she fears him. Embracing the heat between them will either kill her or cure her. Irrevocably bonded, he needs the sweet mercy of her touch to stay sane and falling in love only makes resisting her harder.

Warning this book has an unreasonably possessive alpha male and a sweet beta female with a wide streak of stubborn and much more courage than she believes. There are lots of dark elements, danger, and graphic violence. It’s for mature adults and not the faint-hearted.

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Release Day!

December 7, 2015 | Cover art,Real life

Liam II

LIAM is live!

All Romance


Barnes and Noble

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Cover Redoux

November 25, 2015 | Cover art


I liked Dragons’ Mate’s cover so well that I decided to redo Demons’ Captive and Slave Market. What do y’all think?


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Coming Soon!

October 20, 2015 | Cover art

Dragons' Mate 750x500

Dragons’ Mate releases November 3!

Here’s the current blurb:

What could possibly be better than one dragon? Two fierce, protective, dominant dragon males. Unless you happen to be a damaged female terrified of restraints.

Arya doesn’t even know her own name when Winstor and Suluth rescue her from a grubby cage in the back of capture fantasy club. The kings’ declaration of insta love would thrill her, if there was a chance in the seven hells she was truly their mate. Sadly, the delicious males have to be delusional since she’s not even a dragon, let alone their perfect match.

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I’m in a box set!

July 28, 2015 | Cover art

Box Set!

Box Set!

Flight of Dragons is up for pre-order on Amazon only 99 cents (practically free) for ten stories from ten different authors! My contribution is Demons’ Captive, Demons and Dragons Book One a hot, sci-fi menage.

Here’s the link, Flight of Dragons Box Set. One-click!

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