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Review of Simply Irresistible

December 20, 2013 | Fan Friday


Jacque at The Jeep Diva said: “Smooth, sultry, and sweet. Those are my feelings on finishing Simply Irresistible. This romance is goes down smooth like a well-aged whiskey and warms you up from the inside out. It has all the aspects I love in a romance and I’m sure everyone who reads it will fall in love with the story and the characters as much as I did.”

I’m not even paying her! :blush:

The rest of her five star review is here.

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Second sneak peek from COLIN, Demons Hunters I

December 13, 2013 | Fan Friday


A glint of pain flashed in her amazing green eyes. The wounded look changed to cool determination so fast he wasn’t sure he hadn’t imagined her hurt. While the idea he’d injured her made him feel like belly crawling was too good for him, there was still no way he could explain why he’d left the club so abruptly, what he’d been doing, or how he’d gotten wounded. The less she knew about him and his world, the better for her safety.

Uneasiness coiled in his belly at the reminder that he didn’t have a fucking clue about how much she knew.

“Either you take it off, or I cut it off, your choice, Sir.”

He might have imagined her hurt, but his sweet little slave made her anger clear.

“Wait here.” He crossed to the bedroom, but she stayed on his heels. Since he didn’t have the energy to put on demon speed, he veered to the bathroom.

She followed him.

“Give me a minute.” He added enough compulsion to make the average sub jump back and kowtow.

Holly flinched, but shook her head stubbornly. “Not while you’re bleeding. Either I assess your injury, or I’m calling 911. Your choice, Sir.”

Worst-case scenario slid into disaster territory. He closed his eyes, trying to focus on how to get Holly out of his apartment without involving human emergency services.

“Please, let me look at the wound. The moment I’m certain you’re stable, I’ll leave. Fair enough, Sir?”
Yeah, she’d softened her tone, but she was still serious, and he was big trouble, because she was fucking irresistible. He nodded, eased off the heavy leather coat, folded it, and placed it on the counter. The dress shirt was already trashed, so he pulled a small pair of scissors out of a drawer and handed them do her.

“Dear God, where all are you cut?”

“My arm, just my arm.” His lips thinned in self-loathing. “Most of the blood isn’t mine.”

Making good use of the scissors, she snipped, peeled away the neatly trimmed sleeve, and then unwound the sash he’d used to stanch the blood loss. At least he’d already stashed his weapons inside his long coat, or she’d be asking worse questions.

“Alcohol wipes, tape, gauze?”

“Left side of the medicine cabinet.”

“You need stitches.” Her pretty mouth tightened with determination.

He shook off her comment. “It’s a scratch.”

“It’s not a scratch. You’ll be lucky to retain full use of the arm. Tetanus booster up-to-date?”

“Yes.” Colin didn’t bother explaining he was immune to human diseases.

She opened the left cabinet door. Her eyes narrowed at the well-stocked shelves. Then she began to select supplies. “Is surgery a hobby of yours, or this kind of knife-wound business as usual for you?”

“A little of both.” The truth slipped out of his mouth.

After she’d scrubbed her hands and forearms way more thoroughly than he would have bothered, she snapped on a pair of sterile gloves with enough energy to make him wince. “Are you a…” She shook her head. “Never mind. I really do not want to know.”

That was the first smart choice she’d made all night. He wisely kept that thought to himself.

“This is going to hurt.” She swabbed his upper arm with Betadine, which stung worse than the rogue’s poison-coated claws.

“The cut goes down to the bone. It really needs stitches. Do you have a local anesthetic?”

“Butterfly tape works fine.” That comment earned him another narrow-eyed glare, but she applied the tape closures and then carefully wrapped his wound in gauze.

He opened his mouth to thank her for the help, and she stuck a thermometer under his tongue. Relief that she wasn’t leaving, yet, kept him silent. Besides, he still hadn’t figured out what to do about her.

Leave her alone was the obvious answer, but he didn’t like it. She didn’t know anything about him other than he was a member of a BDSM club, liked to tie up pretty women, acted like an arrogant asshole, and got in fights. Too bad his covert life was nowhere near that simple.

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Sneak Peek from COLIN: Demon Hunter I

December 6, 2013 | Fan Friday


The glossy wrapping on the present from her friend Tamara caught Holly’s eye. She gently shut the lid on her old wishes and sparse memories. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth while she crossed to the counter. Tam was determined to introduce Holly to the lifestyle she’d found so thrilling.

Listening to Tam talk about the club and scenes was one thing. Actually attending an event at the exclusive venue would be a much bigger leap. Tam’s role as a Domme fit her like a pair of sterile gloves. But her insistence that Holly embrace her inner submissive just couldn’t be right. Holly was a capable, independent woman. She definitely was not into being beaten or humiliated. Bossed around a little…

The idea of submission seemed much better in theory than actually being ordered to strip by some strange, dominant man. At the same time, she had to admit there might be something to her friend’s theory, because Holly’s cheeks warmed, and her body hummed to life even during her denial.

Am I really a kinky kind of girl?

Holly used a utility knife to slice through the pretty ribbon and slit the paper, then carefully slid a silver box from the wrappings. The embossed initials meant nothing to her, except as a reminder that the gift, like the exclusive La Ceinture Noire, was far beyond her pay range.

Earlier she’d been curious about the present. Now she was reluctant to actually look inside. Perhaps the entire BDSM scene Tam had told her so much about was better kept as a fantasy.

Ignoring the gift for the moment, she retrieved the teakettle. After filling it with water, she set it on the cooktop while she busied herself arranging a Christmas cup and saucer from her collection. She deliberated her choice of blend, finally spooning a mixture of mint, rose, and green leaves into the matching teapot. A sputtering whistle signaled that the water was ready, and she poured a steady stream into the china pot and inhaled the nurturing scent of fresh brewing tea. With the ritual complete, she pulled out the envelope and read the enclosed card.

La Ceinture Noire requests the pleasure of your company at our annual slave auction.
All proceeds from the auction go to the Wagging Tails Shelter.
Friday, December 23rd at nine p.m.
Black tie for Doms and Dommes
Clothing optional for slaves

Clothing optional? Oh. My. Dear. God. Tam forgot to mention the dress code. There was no way Holly was going anywhere in her birthday suit.

Her gaze flew to the box, and she lifted the lid. Under a layer of discreet tissue paper lay a crimson lace concoction. When she pulled it out, the material separated into two garments—a bustier and boy shorts. Wearing the delicate lace lingerie would be better than going naked—but not by much.

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What’s next?

November 29, 2013 | Fan Friday

writer at work a

The third mech warrior adventure is underway. If the gracious editor approves, I hope it should be available next year.

Here’s the schedule I’ve been struggling with, of course, subject to change :shocked:

December Colin (Demon Hunters I) releases.

January A Taste of Scarlet releases.

February Tey (Demon Hunters II) releases

The order of the next few releases depends on factors beyond my control. :shocked: The third mech adventure, Joon’s Temptation, and a newly revised version of Camille’s Capture are all in the lineup.

Most of the summer and likely part of the fall I’ll be working on the backlist. But I do plan to reissue Duec (Demon Hunters III) in November.

So the first two Treeland Pack Tales, all three Demon Hunter stories, and the Enyo Chronicle trilogy should be available again in 2014!

Then I’m going to take a long winter’s nap. :sleeping:

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Simply Irresistible Release Day!

November 22, 2013 | Fan Friday


Release days are always a harrowing rush of excitement and nerves. :ermm: Looking at the lovely cover helps, a little…

Buy link

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Last Sneak Peek at Simply Irresistible

November 15, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here the final mini-excerpt from the last part of Simply Irresistible. If you missed the first peek you can find it here and the second is here.

She’d failed a direct order and there was no doubt about his displeasure. The steely line of his jaw should have made her quake in her stilettos. Instead, his stern command sent an unholy thrill of lust rippling through her aroused cunt. His demand to strip away the flimsy armor of her clothes was a fair punishment.

The dampness between her legs didn’t obliterate her reluctance to expose her scars. She stiffened her spine. The Master of my heart literally exposed himself before a crowd of his peers. For me.

His unflinching courage in reclaiming her publicly sent ripples of warmth through every portion of her being. She wasn’t such a coward she would shirk obeying him over fear of displaying a few marks on her imperfect body. She held her head high and reminded herself pleasing Master Liam was what mattered.

With deliberate care she unfastened the corset and set it aside. Of course, he did up his slacks as she revealed more and more bare skin.

He watched her with a stony expression that gave her no hint of his mood. After a few seconds of his cold regard she needed another spine-stiffening talk. I belong to this man and he wants my compliance. Nothing else is important.

Nudity still made her face heat. She kept her gaze respectfully lowered, peeking at him through her lashes. The intensity of his expression caused her nipples to pebble.


“May I stand, Master?”

Hundreds of hungry eyes glimmered beyond the glass barrier separating them from the audience. Their stares bore into her bare skin, rasping across her nerves and making it hard to concentrate on Master Liam.

“Yes, just long enough to remove your panties.” His answer came in a graveled rasp, but his steel-trap jaw softened when she called him Master, giving her another dose of hope.

She watched his face for approval and was rewarded with an easing of the tight lines around his mouth as she skimmed the scrap of red satin down her legs with shaky fingers, stepped out of the thong and grasped the back of her left stiletto.

“Keep the heels on. They’ll make you easier to fuck.”

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Second Peek at Simply Irresistible

November 8, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s a mini-excerpt from the middle of the story. Just in case you missed last week’s excerpt you can find it here.

Tiana tugged on his hold. Liam released her. She grabbed her groceries and marched toward the house.

He caught up before she’d gone more than a few feet. “Let me help.”

No actual steam came out of her ears, but temper spots flared on her cheekbones and her beautiful brown eyes sparked with anger. “You’ve already done too much.”

He helped himself to one of her sacks without responding.

Undeterred by his restraint, she continued, “You could have told me you were having my place watched.”

“Thought we covered the subject back in Issaquah.”

“No, we definitely did not. I agreed to one night of surveillance, under duress.”

“Hold on a minute, I did not threaten or force you to accept my protection. You were free to say no.”

“Would you have stopped if I had?”

Okay, she’s got me there. “Probably not.”

She unlocked the front door. “At least you’re an honest bully.”

“I admit to dominant, bossy and overbearing as hell, but I’m not a bully and you’re not intimidated or you wouldn’t be giving me what for,” he pointed out reasonably.

Tiana gave a harsh laugh. “I agree, plus you’re obnoxiously high-handed.”

“Fair enough.” He set the groceries on the counter. “I’ll try harder to keep you informed. I’m concerned about you staying here alone. Will you please humor me by visiting the ranch for a few days?”

“All right, but I’m cooking tonight.”


“I invited Marcia for brunch Monday.”

“Call her up and change the location. I’ll make myself scarce.”

Her face took on a mulish look. “I just met her. Shootings and staying at my neighbor’s house is way more drama than I want to share with a brand-new friend. Rob and the crew will be here Monday. I’ll fix breakfast for Marcia and come back to your place later.”

Maybe his poker face had deserted him, because Tiana folded her arms. “Either I keep my brunch date or I’m not coming with you to the ranch.”

“Okay, but Taylor is going to cover you.”

Tiana started to shake her head. He cupped the back of her neck, holding her still and nipped her bottom lip. “Your safety is nonnegotiable.”

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First Sneak Peak at Simply Irresistible

November 1, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s the first peek from the beginning of the erotic adventure.

A navy-blue Jeep with tinted windows raced toward her. The aggressive driver startled her into drifting across the yellow center line’s dashes and bumps. Her pulse sped as she double-checked the reflected threat. She swerved the new truck back into the right lane.

Dirty streaks covered the speeding SUV behind her. It hadn’t rained in weeks. The driver must’ve found a creek to splash through to have gotten so filthy.

The vehicle practically kissed her pickup’s bed.

Tension hunched her shoulders. She slowed, giving him plenty of opportunity to pass. The other driver dropped back, crawling behind her.

No other cars appeared. She didn’t dare take her hand off the steering wheel long enough to dig out her cell phone and call 9-1-1. What would I tell them? There’s a maniac in a filthy Jeep making me nervous? The SUV’s mud-smeared plate was impossible to read. She couldn’t even give the authorities a license number.

She sped up as much as she dared on the winding road. He raced closer. On the next straight stretch she slowed again, praying he would pass. He braked hard, skidding back into his slot on her tail.

Her automatic assumption had been the hostile jerk was male. In truth she couldn’t swear to gender. The darkened windshield obscured the driver to a murky silhouette. For five miles the Jeep stuck to her rear like a giant, ugly magnet.

Her knuckles grew pale and shiny from gripping the wheel so hard. Did I cut him off back on the freeway? I must have done something to make him so reckless. Or else I’m a violence magnet. Or he’s a raging asshole. Whatever his problem is, I’m not imagining this threat.

He rammed her bumper. The sheer drop off on her right loomed much too close. The safety strap bit into her bare shoulder as she fought the steering wheel, frantic to keep the truck’s skidding tires on the asphalt.

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A Scarlet Past Blurb

October 22, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s the unedited blurb:

Sidelined by an injury, Fergus Wickham needs a new identity to re-enlist and get back to killing Nazis. When he arrives early for his meeting with the local Alpha, he finds a knockout doll facing off a rogue attack. As he helps her body count climb, his respect and arousal grows. When the battle ends, he finally meets the local Alpha, Vivian O’Connor, his mate.

As World War II heats up, so does the secret battle on the home front. For two touch-starved warriors, mating is more than pleasure– it’s a matter of survival, preventing Fergus from becoming one of the raving rogues threatening the packs and keeping Vivian alive to fight another night. But are both Alpha leaders, determined to win, when their only chance for victory is surrendering to desire.

A Scarlet Past is scheduled for release October 29th!

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Another Sneak Peek at A Scarlet Past

October 18, 2013 | Fan Friday


As promised another excerpt from A Scarlet Past, this time from the middle of the story. If you missed last week’s excerpt you can read it here

With Fergus’s hungry eyes begging her like a starving male waiting for his favorite desert, Vivian found it hard to think. She had too many dependents to act impulsively. Her practical side came to the rescue. She stood and dropped her napkin on the table. “I need to make another call.”

The sting of her rejection tightened his face as if she’d raked him with her claws. In stark silence, he turned away and began cleaning up the breakfast remains.

His hurt look stayed with her, nipping at the tender female wolf heart she kept hidden behind her Alpha-bitch facade. With heavy steps, she crossed to the phone and asked the operator to transfer her to housekeeping. “I stumbled last night and ruined my dress. Could you send someone to take it for cleaning and mending?”

“Do you need a doctor?”

“No thank you. I wasn’t hurt, just a scrape or two.”

“Of course, as you wish, ma’am. There’s a cloth laundry hamper in the closet for your convenience. Simply place the garment in the bag and hang it outside the door.”

“Wonderful, how soon can you have it back to me?”

“Two hours, ma’am.”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

As promised a zippered sack with the hotel’s logo hung in the spacious closet at the end of an assortment of expensive male clothing that smelled deliciously of Fergus. She breathed through her mouth to avoid the tempting distraction. This might have helped, except his essence coated her tongue and the addictive flavor eroded her control. She forced herself to move.

Since the hamper had plenty of space, she tossed in her unmentionables. Now came the hard part. She had to walk back into the living room past Fergus’s hungry eyes.

She stiffened her spine. Alpha bitches, who battled rogues nightly and won could certainly handle one oversize dreamboat, who was much too bossy and all wrong for her anyway.

After girding herself to snub him, the vacant room was a letdown. She hung the garment bag on a hook in the outer hall where their breakfast cart already waited. A nap would be a lovely way to fill the next two hours, if she’d been sleepy. Usually a long night of fighting followed by a heavy meal made sleep an easy choice, but this morning she was too restless.

Clad in nothing except a bathrobe, Vivian paced. She couldn’t leave the suite unless she wanted to make a spectacle of herself, and blending in with the humans was a responsibility she and every other sane wolf took seriously. Rogues didn’t give a damn, which added to the threat they posed. Thankfully, they were unable to shift and had little mobility in daylight, factors that made discovery slightly less likely.

She scanned the living room and balcony again. No Fergus. He could have left during the time she’d lingered in his closet, sniffing his clothes. Her sensitive ears caught most sounds, but he moved with uncanny quiet, especially for such a big male. Perhaps he’d learned how to block his thoughts too. She picked up nothing.
Honesty forced her to admit she longed for more of Fergus’s smoldering glances, rousing caresses, and passionate kisses. She wanted to be swept her off her paws and made to surrender. Instead the infuriating male pampered her and catered to her every whim.

Dark memories of her first intimate encounter tumbled in, bringing echoes of her soul-sickening sexual domination. A hard-won bit of self-knowledge. Whether fighting rogues, leading the pack, or negotiating with the vampires, she always dominated, giving no quarter and asking for none. Yet behind closed doors with a potent male, she yearned for nothing more than to serve him, although she knew instinctively he had to win her compliance.

She’d started to think Fergus might be the dog of her dreams—an Alpha strong enough to dominate her. Until the gorgeous male turned into Mr. Nice Guy—a too considerate eager beaver.

Should she settle for a slave when she wanted a master, or pass up the rare chance for the skin-on-skin intimacy her whole body craved?

Coming October 29th from Loose Id!

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