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Favorite review sites

May 9, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday


Just in case you’re searching for something good to read, here ( in no particular order) are some of my favorite reviewers:

Queen Tutt’s World of Escapism
Bitten By Romance
The Romance Studios
The Jeep Diva
Long and Short Erotic Romance Reviews
And of course, Goodreads

Do you have go-to review sites?

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Erotic Romance Boom Revisited

May 2, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday


After viewing an interview with Desiree Holt an amazingly prolific Ellora’s Cave author last year I talked about my mixed reaction to the surge in popularity of erotic romance here.

That particular post continues to get daily traffic. Sales of digital titles continue to climb, but the exponential leap the romance industry experienced during the past few years seems to have leveled off. Fifty Shades of Grey set fire to readers imaginations and introduced a new generation of readers to erotic romance, a genre that’s been around for ages.

Since you’re reading this post I assume you’re a fan of erotic romance. What was the first title that seduced you to the dark side?

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Fan Girl Friday

April 18, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday


After burning through Maya Banks’ KGI series and mourning the next title doesn’t release until June, I looked around for another new-to-me romantic suspense author and discovered Lisa Marie Rice! Delicious alpha male heroes, spine chilling suspense and hot sexing. Better yet, she has a substantial backlist. I’ve barely scratched the surface…

Read any good books lately?

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Fan Girl Friday

April 11, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday


The only downside to reading thrillers is the lack of romance.

I haven’t read romantic suspense in a long time having run through my old favorites and been disappointed too often to try new voices.

The craving for a good blend of the two genres grew until I succumbed and took a chance on Maya Banks’ KGI series. Many delightful hours were spent with the Kelly guys, starting with The Darkest Hour. Now I have to wait for Swanny’s story. :sad:

Read any good books lately?

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Runner by Patrick Lee

March 21, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday

While indulging in the reading spree I mentioned earlier, I treated myself to a new-to-me author. In this instance I’m very glad I did. This thriller was the best book I’ve read in months. The plot moved seamlessly at a breakneck pace, the characters had depth and credibility that had me rooting for them within the first few pages.

Have you read any exciting books lately?

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First Sneak peek at A Scarlet Past

October 11, 2013 | Fan Girl Friday

From the story’s beginning:

The Thunder moon rode low in the western sky. Ominous black–bottomed clouds streamed past the pocked lunar face, masking the glow of moonlight. The scent of a coming storm scoured the muggy summer air clean. Fergus sniffed appreciatively and strode deeper into Central Park.

If tonight’s meeting with the local Alpha leader went well, he’d have new identity papers, reenlist, and be back killing Germans in a few weeks. It couldn’t happen soon enough for him.

Too many of the vampire Nazis had gone crazier than usual with blood lust. Battlefield violence broke the minds of the German bloodsuckers in frightening numbers. Tales of their horrific rampages surfaced, threatening human discovery of the monsters in their ranks.

Scarier for the packs, werewolves were turning rogue—a dangerous mutation of Alpha males—at an unprecedented rate. The mysterious phenomena cracked the link to their humanity, changing them into mindless beasts with an insatiable hunger for terror and death. No one completely understood what broke an Alpha, but stress was a big factor. The horrors of the Second World War stripped the humanity from both the best and the worst of far too many of their most powerful males with ruthless equality.

An icy awareness of just how close he’d come to madness shuddered through him. The memory gave him a case of the heebie-jeebies and sent an unwelcome jolt to his still-aching wound. He locked his jaw and leaned more heavily on his cane. Goddess damn all SS bloodsuckers and the mortar round that blew off his rear leg. The wound put him out of the fighting and got him a one-way ticket back to the States. He’d been forced to leave the VA hospital against medical advice to conceal his nonhuman rate of healing. A few nights holed up at the Plaza in fur accelerated his recovery.

Now the cursed regrowing limb, near full size, was still weak and hurt with hell’s own fire. He refused to give in to the pain. Sheer orneriness made him push harder.

Gasoline fumes blended with rotting meat—the stench of rogues—seared his keen nostrils. The sounds of scuffling, snarling, and snapping confirmed the ugly news of a fight in progress.

Back with another excerpt next Friday!

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Great Escapes

July 19, 2013 | Fan Girl Friday


Historical romances are my perfect escapist read. Ms. Heyer unfailingly charms me with deft use of language to convey character and enrich the flawless settings. She never jars me from the story trance with an inaccurate period reference. The romance itself is shown by word and deed in clever detail and never clumsily narrated. The pace is leisurely by today’s standards, but I savor the slow unfolding.

What are you reading or rereading?

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Fan Girl Friday

July 12, 2013 | Fan Girl Friday


A friend mentioned, “If you’ve read one Georgette Heyer you’ve read them all.”

Naturally, I defended some of my favorite love stories. “You’re right in that all genre fiction contains many of the same elements, especially traditional regency romances. But this is exactly why I love them–for the same reasons children beg to have a favorite book read every night. There’s a deep satisfaction in sinking into a familiar story world, filled with beloved characters and sparkling prose, plus the wonderful certainty that every obstacle will be overcome and true love will triumph.”

If you want to learn more about Georgette Heyer visit her definitive fan website.

Do you have favorites you reread again and again?

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Review for Warriors’ Wife

January 25, 2013 | Fan Girl Friday



Mary reviewed Warriors’ Wife and said: “Warrior’s Wike is a good read. You will not do wrong to add it in your ménage collection.” Click on her logo to read the rest of the review.

PS Mary’s site is worth checking out just for her new header! :wink:

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Fan Girl Friday

October 26, 2012 | Fan Girl Friday

Manic Readers gave Dangerous Rescue five stars! :blush:

Dangerous Rescue is a great adventure that would do well on the screen. Lorraine does an excellent job of putting us in the picture, so we ‘see’ everything the characters do. Just as much fun to read this time as the first.

The rest of the kind review is here.

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