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Dalila’s Choice is on sale!

June 1, 2013 | Snippet Saturday

Enyo I medium size

Fifty percent off through next Wednesday! Head over to All Romance and check it out!

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Dalila’s Choice is now available on All Romance

May 18, 2013 | Snippet Saturday

Enyo I Banner crop

Dalila orbits Enyo, prepared to carry out her orders to conquer the hostile warriors by any means necessary. But warriors shoot first and ask no questions. Blasted out the sky, her damaged ship plunges into a stormy sea. Rescued by intimidating twin brothers, she is stranded with them on a remote island. Her weapon training, hand-to-hand combat skills, and sketchy mind control instructions didn’t prepare her for dealing with the overwhelmingly male warriors. In desperation, she wields a dangerous new weapon, sex appeal.

The attraction between the three of them is a two-edged blade, slicing her as deeply as it does the men. She’s instantly drawn to Kelvar, who saved her from drowning. His raw male instincts, strength, and honor fail to hide a tender heart. His twin, Dexon secured her damaged spacecraft, incurring serious injury. When she tends his wound, she awakens potent desires.

Now she’s caught between the two men. Their law demands she chose. She has only three days to decide. One twin will be her mate for life. The other will die. But how can she choose between the two fierce warriors, when both have captured her heart?

This is the new and improved version of Dalila’s Choice released in February of this year!

Buy link

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Snippet from the current manuscript

May 11, 2013 | Snippet Saturday

writer at work a

More dialogue from the scrap file…

“By the way, the next time you’re upset with whatever I’m doing you could say stop, dragonfly or nymph or even peanut butter.”

“Peanut butter?”

“Yeah. I hate the stuff. I’d quit instantly to make gagging noises.”

Impulsively she pinched his side. As soon as her fingers released his skin, her chest constricted with fear.

“Ouch. What was that for?”

She let the breath she’d held out with a sign of relief. “Being a smartass.”

“I was serious.” His voice deepened further into sexy dominant man territory.

Oh, you’re dangerous. You make me believe in the impossible. She wriggled out of his hold, pulled back and aimed her fiercest glare at him. “You’re not treating this seriously. You wound needs proper medical attention.”

“Fine, you’re a horrible person and my injuries are your fault.” His voice lowered again. “Since I’m the injured party, I should decide the penalty.”

She swallowed a lump of fear and managed a nod.

“Good. Your nursing responsibilities will suffice as punishment…”

“Taking care of you isn’t torture.” She rolled her eyes.

He leaned back, crossed his arms and fixed his intense gaze on her. “Don’t think you’re getting off easy. You’re not.”

Dear God, the man redefined stubborn, manipulative and he was so dominant he made her bossy brother look reasonable.

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Long and Short Review for A Trace of Ivy

May 4, 2013 | Snippet Saturday


The kind reviewer said, “I loved Ivy and Chet; they make a wonderful couple. Ivy is a strong woman and is more than willing to stand up for herself and those that she cares for. Chet is an honorable man who loves with all his heart. Alone they both are stand strong but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Watching their bond grow stronger was a great read.”

The rest of the review is here

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A Trace of Ivy

March 23, 2013 | Snippet Saturday



Another sexy snippet from A Trace of Ivy…

“Talk to me, describe exactly what you are feeling,” her captor demanded in tones that implied obedience was required because she wouldn’t like the “or else.”

“Scared,” she hissed, then clamped her teeth to keep more terror from leaking out of her mouth. He didn’t need extra ammunition to use against her.

“No one will hurt you as long as I am standing. Tell me how frightened—give me a number from one to ten with one being completely at ease and ten being all-out panic.”

“Seven, maybe six.” She spat the answer to prevent her teeth from chattering.

“Keep breathing, nice and slow.” He supported her weight with one brawny arm and tilted her chin until she met his warm, brown eyes full of concern. “Watch me. I am here and real and determined to keep you safe.”

A part of her wanted to believe him—insanity. She managed to meet his gaze for a few seconds. “I’m free to go whenever I like?”
A tic twitched in his cheek. “Not right this minute. You don’t have shoes.”

“That didn’t stop me from escaping the monsters.”

He didn’t reply, unless she counted the grinding noise from his teeth.

“I’m tougher than I look. I can walk.” She held herself stiffly, trying to touch him as little as possible and praying her knees would hold if he set her down.

He tightened his grip on her. Not enough to hurt, but enough to remind her that she didn’t have a chance of winning a physical contest. “Let me carry you, please.”

The “please” made her pause and reconsider. Monsters never asked. And they never bothered to say please. Did beasts come in degrees of nasty? Too upset to speak, and with no real choice, she gave him a clipped bob of consent.

“You are a brave Beta.

The male was crazy. She wasn’t brave, more like a bundle of cowardly nerves. In spite of her disbelief, some of the fear keeping her on edge seeped away at his praise.

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A Trace of Ivy

March 16, 2013 | Snippet Saturday



The third Treeland Pack tale, A Trace of Ivy is scheduled for release next week! Time for a dangerously sexy snippet!


Chet led her outside the mall and across the parking lot, grateful the leather jacket hid his weapons and his hard-on. Ivy didn’t need more harsh reality.

“Where are we going?”

Straight to a living hell for me, unless I can pull some charm out of my ass, and that has never been less probable. The alternative to convincing Ivy to accept his collar and give him one in return was to join the living dead—bonded males without their mates. He spotted a memorial park one street east and tipped his head. “Over there.”

A few minutes of silent trudging later, Ivy sank gracefully onto a concrete bench. “This is lovely. But what are we doing here?”

“I need to talk to you.” Chet planted his feet where he could watch Ivy and the park’s entrance and caught sight of Ben, patrolling the perimeter.

Confusion clouded her green eyes. “Coffee inhibits you?”

“No, I wanted to talk without an audience.

“Except for Ben.”

So she saw him too. Smart female. “Except for Ben.”

“Werewolf hearing is that acute?”

“Yes, along with the other senses.”

Ivy darted a curious peek at him. “Will you tell me more about the sensory thing later?”

Goddess, I hope so. “Absolutely.”

She waited, obviously expecting him to expand his reply.

He gaped at her like the greenest pup, stunned by her beauty and how much he wanted her. His bonding scent rolled off him in waves—so thick even he noticed. There wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop the irrevocable phenomenon. In an instant his reality changed. His number-one priority from this moment on was Ivy.

Her eyelids grew heavy, her lips softened, and she leaned toward him.

Chet closed the gap between them with all the finesse of a charging ram.

She stood, wrapped herself around him, and burrowed her nose into his chest, inhaling deeply. “Your fragrance is intoxicating—like a drug I can’t resist.”

Shit, I hope so, sweet torment. One second he was a free dog, and the next he belonged to Ivy. As the bond snapped into place, he realized he had waited a lifetime for this magical connection, never believing it would happen. He blinked back tears of gratitude. His wolf rose close to the surface, pushing to claim their mate. The hunger for her made it hard for him to process complex information like time of day and location. He was clear the female he wanted more than fresh meat had her arms wound around his neck. Aside from the layers of clothes separating them, nothing else mattered. He lifted her chin and slanted his mouth over hers in a kiss full of pure male possession.

He teased the seam of her lips, and she parted for him. He slid his tongue inside, tasting, tangling, and claiming. Her closeness fueled the hunger to mate with her and caused his cock to throb with its own pulse. At the same time, he absorbed every nuance of her response on a primal level, wanting only to worship her body and soul, however she’d let him.

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A Promise of Amber

March 9, 2013 | Snippet Saturday


A Trace of Ivy, Treeland Pack Tales III releases later this month. While each adventure in this series stands alone, I enjoy reading series in order. Last Saturday I posted an except from A Taste of Scarlet, the first Treeland Pack Tale for like minded readers. If you missed it here’s a link. This week’s teaser is from the second book in the series.

From A Promise of Amber, Treeland Pack Tales II


Truman nodded, grateful for an excuse not to talk. Slightly famous for his smooth patter with females, right this moment he didn’t have a coherent word to say. His tongue felt thick, dry, and hot. In fact, he was decidedly hotter all over than his normal one hundred and seven degrees.

Fluffing his loose Hawaiian shirt, he hoped to hide the instant erection straining the front of his cowboy-tight jeans.

She kept her eyes lowered and whispered, “Is it safe to go upstairs, sir?”

“Afraid we’re stuck for a while. There’s been a couple of cave-ins,” he croaked.

When her face paled further at his news flash, he limbered up his tongue and raced on to reassure her. “Hey, we’re in the safest place around. My pack brothers will dig us out before you have time to get bored with me.”

Another scramble of feet jerked her attention to the ceiling.

“Goblins,” he growled.

She seemed to shrink at his mention of the oily little monsters but gave him a small nod of understanding and crossed to the open door.

Following the sensual sway of lush hips under a thin skirt, he made the effort to keep his mouth closed. He was already hard enough to crush rock and felt like a complete beast. Make that more of a beast than usual.

Though he was young for the job, he was an enforcer and Hunter’s second. An honor he’d fought for and won fairly. If nothing else did, then his pack rank made him a male of worth. Like every other Treeland enforcer, he held himself to a strict standard of honor. Hitting on the newly bereaved was definitely not part of the good-guy code.

She stopped, turned, and still swayed. A sharp urge to bang his head on the wall hit him as he realized the sway wasn’t about being seductive. She was unsteady on her feet, and her chin quivered as if she fought back tears—confirmation of his brilliant deduction.

That put a blue ribbon on him in the who’s-the-sickest-animal-around contest. Here she was about to pass out from shock and grief, and he was still thinking about how much he’d like to be skin to skin with her.

What she needed was what mattered. That would be his strength, comfort, and protection. Definitely not any hot and dirty action.

Another scurry of goblins overhead gave him fresh priorities.

“More…goblins, sir?”

“Company we don’t want.” He ushered her firmly into the safety of the reinforced bunker, keeping a hand on her back just in case she fainted. He found the switch to seal them inside and flipped it. “What can I do to help?”

“Could you give me a hug, sir?” Her impossibly thick lashes lifted, and her big brown eyes shone with enchanting glints of gold as she anxiously searched his face.

Everything about her said Psi, extra sensitive, and recently bruised to hell; handle with care. Yet here she was looking to him for kindness and a little simple comfort. Not exactly the ultracool, ultrafun, and ultrasmart Gamma guy’s specialty.

For her, he’d sure as hell try.

Next Saturday a snippet from a A Trace of Ivy

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A Taste of Scarlet

March 2, 2013 | Snippet Saturday



A Trace of Ivy, Treeland Pack Tales III releases later this month. While each book in the series stands alone, I enjoy reading series most by starting with book one. For gentle readers who feel the same way here’s a snippet from A Taste of Scarlet, Treeland Pack Tales I


Scarlet leaped up and nipped the tip of his nose. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to make his eyes water. “What the hell was that for?”

She darted out of reach, flashing him a dirty look. “For shifting.”

“You’re mad at me?” Un-fucking-believable, but true. The smoky odor of her anger irritated his abused nostrils.

She hissed at him. “Yes.”

“You’re pissed because I didn’t shred your pretty hide? You’re not making sense. Work with me here, Red.”

“I was doing fine. I’m not some delicate little flower. I’m a full-grown werewolf.” She lowered her voice. “Who has a small shifting problem.”

For a second or three, she distracted him from her glare by crossing her arms under a pair of very nice breasts. Then he remembered why he was breathing hard. Small shifting problem, his ass. She might be slightly tougher than a human, but she was no match for his wolf.

Her chin tilted mulishly. “I was so close. I almost shifted.”

“You almost died.” He forced the words out between lips still half-numb with a sickening combination of rage and fear.

The criminally negligent female had no business being mad at him when she’d put herself in harm’s way. There were consequences for scaring the hell out of an Alpha. It was time she learned the way of the wolf. Lucky for her, he was a great teacher.

She was still talking like he’d messed up some halfway sensible plan. “Werewolf sex is the key. It will fix me.”

“You want sex.” Technically he hadn’t made it a question.

She nodded cautiously.

Way too damn late for caution, Red. His cock throbbed, and his balls rode high and tight and aching. A little rough sex would sure as hell make him feel better. “Fine, assume the position.”

Her eyes widened, and she took another step back. “You first.”

For a second, he didn’t catch her meaning.

When he didn’t instantly obey, she flapped her hand. “Go ahead, shift.”

The female was certifiable. “Hell no, wolfie boy isn’t coming out to play until you’re wearing fur and fangs.”

Another smoking glare from those pretty eyes scorched his hide. “Then there’s no point. You may as well leave. I don’t like sex.”

He smelled the lie along with her anger. They didn’t interfere with her arousal. When he stared at her breasts with their tight tips, she dropped her gaze from his submissively, though her spirit still rebelled against his dominance.

Teaching her to truly submit would free her strong, confident wolf. “That’s a damn shame,” he drawled. “You lost the option to say no right about the time you shed your clothes.”

She tried to bolt.

In a blur of speed, he caught her, spun her around, and captured both wrists in one hand. Holding her nice and secure, he moved up real close, settling in with her backside nested against his front. “You’ll whimper for me to take you.”

“In your dreams,” she growled at him. Actually growled. And then she kicked at him. A heel connected with his shins before he used his longer reach to back out of range.

Damn, that was hot. He frog-marched her to the wall and pinned her there. “Then too.”

“Let me go.” She squirmed in his unbreakable hold.

Much as he enjoyed the squirming, both wolfie boy and he knew she needed mastering—his. He pressed harder, subduing the rebellion. “Negotiations are over.”

“There were negotiations? I missed them.”

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Snippet Saturday

February 9, 2013 | Snippet Saturday

Enyo I medium size

Another snippet from the new and improved Dalila’s Choice :heart:

Holding the small woman inflamed a primal hunger. A constant need always present in breeding age males. Until encountering the delicate alien, he’d taken pride in his ability to control his mating urge as he controlled everything else that might interfere with acting according to the warrior’s code.

Now, he burned to strip off her strange garments and spend himself in her soft body.

A rapidly swelling bruise—frighteningly close to her vulnerable temple—her shivers from shock, and the way she snuggled, confident in his protection, kept him from violating the fragile trust she’d extended.

After reaching the crude shelter of some long ago deposited driftwood, he set her down again. Her breathing was still too fast and shallow. He frowned and ground his back teeth as he examined her for broken limbs or signs of internal injury. Slowly, he ran his hands over every part of her tight little form. She was all softness, finely honed muscles, and elegant bones.

Assured she’d suffered no serious damage, he forced his hands away from her tempting curves. Rocking back on his heels, he studied her face.

Dark eyes glittered at him from between thick-lashed, barely open lids. For a space of time he lost himself as he stared at her with helpless wonder.

She sat up in a quick smooth movement, snapping the strange spell that had drained his formidable will.

“Thank you for saving my life.” She bowed to him.

“Is this Enyo?”

Her voice was a bit horse, but low and as sweetly feminine as the rest of her, although her accent was odd.It took him a few seconds to understand her question.

He dipped his chin.

She cleared her throat. “Is this Enyo?”

“Yes,” he answered in the rough, guttural tones typical of males, wishing he had a drink to offer her.

She blinked and nodded. Indicating herself with a graceful gesture toward her breasts she spoke again. This time she modulated her seductive voice, forming her words with careful enunciation. “Dalila Theron, disciple of Belle Amity Sisterhood and the pilot of the luckless shuttle craft.”

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Snippet Saturday

February 2, 2013 | Snippet Saturday

Enyo I medium size

A peek from the end of Dalila’s Choice :heart:

Dalila examined the commander’s explanation, seeking the courage to ask what she most wanted to know. Had Kel and Dex chosen her of their own free will? Or had Joon influenced them too? Her nerve failed and she studied the ground beneath her feet.

Joon studied her openly. “There was another factor influencing my decision to persuade the councilman, do you wish to hear of it?”

Not at all sure, she said, “Please.”

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