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Dalila’s Choice Teaser

May 13, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Dalila 500x750

A snippet from Dalila’s first meeting with Dex:

A delicate woman emerged from behind his brother. Dex stared, stupid with awe and unable to speak for several seconds. Then reality slapped some sense back into his head. He angled a frown at his twin. “Did you report her?”

Kel moved in front of her as if defending the breeder. “Not yet.”

Logic told Dex there had been no opportunity to communicate with the council’s office. The lapse of protocol was so out of character for the by-the-code, nothing-but-the-code Kel that Dex’s shock morphed to fear. “You have to alert the council. An unattended woman requires governmental protection. Contact with an unclaimed woman is forbidden. You’re risking your life without cause.”

Kel crossed his arms. “She’s not of Enyo. Therefore, our laws do not apply.”

“She’s here now. The edicts are clear.” Dex’s voice rose an octave with fresh alarm. Have you lost your mind?

The woman in question watched them with wary eyes, keeping one small hand glued to Kel’s wrist. Whether she held on to him for comfort or support, Dex had no way to tell. In either case her preference for his twin was plain.

Dex’s stomach knotted in anger. As he met her dark eyes, her siren’s call eased his temper. Her allure went beyond beauty, outweighing reason and even his instinct for self-preservation. His concerns about legal issues were lost under the intoxication of her presence. She must not have chosen Kel for her mate, because if she’d selected him, then his inflexible twin would have been more relaxed. So there was hope. A slim hope, but slim was enough.

Even in birth, Kel had been first. The pattern held with each milestone. His twin smiled, walked, and talked before he had. Throughout school his brother made better grades, higher scores, and more wins. They’d failed the breeder test equally, along with thousands of New Eden’s finest young warriors. The sheer quantity of men sharing their unhappy fate gave no comfort. Vast numbers pf fellow sufferers did nothing to lessen his primal need to mate.

“Do you want to choose one of us to breed with?” he blurted.

“You mean mating—as in sexual intercourse?” she asked, her pretty voice rising higher and her dark eyes growing even larger in unflattering alarm.

He jerked back, baffled. “How else?”

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Review for Camille’s Capture

May 6, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Enyo III 500x750

The lovely Eva at The Jeep Diva read Camille’s Capture. Here’s a snippet from her review:

The attraction between Camille and her mates radiates from the pages and the frequent sex scenes explodes in a fiery inferno of passion including m/f/m, anal sex, m/m, m/m/f sex scenes that scorch the reader with their intensity. The reader can’t help but get caught up in their stories as they follow the relationship issues that the reader can certainly understand.


The entire review is on Jeep Diva.

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Enyo Chronicles Update

April 29, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

By now I’d hoped to have a release date for Joon’s Temptation to share. Alas, not yet. So far not a single word of the original story has survived. This is beginning to worry me. :ermm:

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Indie Adventures

April 25, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Readers are delightful, quirky, and far beyond my ability to predict. Obviously I’m not a marketing guru or a promo queen. If I were I would likely be far too busy making big bucks to write erotic romance. :lol: My few efforts to promote my books have met with scant results.

I’ve been super fortunate to be published by companies savvy in the ways of building readership. Yet some of my best work had remained largely undiscovered. The Demon Hunter Series languished on the virtual shelf despite enthusiastic support from reviewers and a few loyal readers.

When the right to publish COLIN reverted to me, I took the plunge, revamped the blurb, cover, and polished the story. Then I offered the book for free on Amazon and held my breath.

Thousands downloaded the title and I didn’t know whether to cheer or cry. After the promotion period expired nothing happened for a couple of days. Slowly, one or two at time, sales trickled in until my little scotch heart settled down and I went back to work. COLIN sold more copies in the first month as an indie title than in the last two years of being professionally published. More thrilling for me, a whole bunch of new readers embraced one of my favorite erotic romances.

Thank you all so much for taking a chance on COLIN. Readers finding and enjoying my stories means the world to me. :heart:

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TEY, Demon Hunter II

April 22, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Tey  500 X 750

Here’s the opening snippet from TEY:

Must be my unlucky day. Always hopeful, Miranda scanned Tey’s face seeking some sign of the charming young male she’d probably fallen in love with at first glimpse. She’d been green as a newt a few days past her tenth birthday. He’d brought a bouquet of wild flowers, apologized for missing her party, and said something about the flowers being almost as pretty as she was.

Now she stared hard, but all traces of her childhood idol had been erased. In spite his indifference to her, his familiar, yet exciting presence banished the menace of the metal cage. Her heart raced with eagerness and her body grew both softer and tighter.

Tey lived a few floors beneath street level, so seeing him was an everyday occurrence. She’d never outgrown the thrill. This morning he was as tall, dark, and mouth-wateringly irresistible as usual. A thick black mustache emphasized his lush, cruelly beautiful mouth. Visible beard shadowed his rugged jaw making him look even more devastatingly sexy.

His midnight eyes flickered over her for a half a second. Strongly shaped eyebrows lowered and he nodded in her general direction on his way past.

She took a quick sidestep to avoid collision with the delicious smelling male.Once again, he’d caught her gaping at him. The brief encounter made her pulse race. She responded to him with an intensity no other male—not even another earth demon—evoked.

She ignored her traitorous body. Too late to impress the male with her fake indifference, she inclined her head in the same brief dip he’d given her. Good morning, to you, Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, Sir.

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COLIN, Demon Hunters I

April 15, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Colin 500 x 750

Here’s the opening snippet from COLIN:

Unable to resist, Holly darted another peek at her neighbor and met his eyes. She automatically parted parched lips to say hi, then caught herself and averted her gaze. Feeling awkward and more than a little foolish, she slipped into her apartment, quietly closing the door behind her.

There were only four units on each floor. Not speaking to one of her next-door neighbors, especially this drool-worthy man, felt wrong. But he didn’t welcome conversation. He hadn’t been exactly rude. Most of her attempts to get acquainted had met with single-word responses. Even a plate of her still-warm homemade chocolate chip cookies had only received a burning glance and a curt, “I’m allergic.”

After his last rebuff, she’d taken the broad hints to heart and left him alone. A crying shame, because she had to ignore the only single man under seventy in the entire building. Her neighbor was tall, dark, and as tempting as original sin. Although he was plainly not interested in her, she still couldn’t help staring at him every time they met. Even his perpetual scowl didn’t spoil his appeal. If the man ever cracked a smile, then he’d be irresistible. Perhaps that was why he never smiled. A snarky inner voice grumbled about what a huge pain it must be for him to have to fend off the hordes of pushy women who wanted his big hands on them.

Who was she kidding? She just wasn’t his type. There were men who liked full-figured pear-shaped women, and that was the kind of man she needed. Too bad he wasn’t one of them.

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My Muse Likes Pranks

April 1, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Minka was a teacher (Warriors’ Woman) Tori was an Army nurse (Warriors’ Wife) when I began work on the third Seduction Mission I considered different jobs for Charlie–social worker, counselor, MMA fighter, but none of those roles had the perfect lock and key fit that needs to happen. After a few false starts, I finally realized she is a cop. Instantly a whole series of story blocks tumbled into place.

Beginnings are delicate things for me. Every aspect has to fit before I can continue because I have to write from A to B to C… Of course setting the story aside to work on another tale makes things even more challenging. Such is life with a contrary muse. :lol:

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Warrior’s Wife

March 25, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


The immersion in the Seduction Mission series continued with book two, Warriors’ Wife..

Here’s a snippet from Tori’s first encounter with her heroes, Gideon, Marcus, and Homer:

A naked cyborg traumatized Marcus’s eyeballs. Finally a break for his side, the bastard had no armor or anything else blocking the ugly sight. Not exactly a fair fight considering the fucker was unarmed, as long as Marcus didn’t count the leaking gun hanging off the front of his hips and aiming at the triad’s destined mate.

No Mr. Nice Guy when it came to the enemy. He swallowed rising gall and fired. The small weapon emitted an invisible beam of energy. The red line of the laser guide was the only visible clue anything had happened until the beam made contact and disrupted the hell out of the enemy’s cells. He stepped over the twitching bag of parts that used to be a cyborg and searched for Tori. As he edged past a table and a couple of canvas chairs, something clamped around his left ankle.

A second naked bastard with a serious fluid leak croaked, “End me.”

Ick. Marcus was definitely going to have to bleach his eyeballs.

The pleasure is all mine, scum. He kicked loose and discharged the enemy. Mercy killing was better than cyborgs deserved.

He found Tori crouched in a corner of the tent. Her pictures hadn’t prepared him for the real woman. She was insanely small and fragile and her clothes had been ripped to scraps.

“Stay back.” She curled a puffy split lip to hiss at him.

It truly hurt Marcus just to look at her. He squinted, trying to imagine her healed up a little. Lots of dark-red hair and milky-white skin that might be pretty if it weren’t swollen, cut, and so damn bruised. While he continued gaping at her like a clueless droid, her courage reached right out and snatched his heart from his chest.

Fucking cyborg bastards. He was ready to go back and kill them again, slower and much more painfully. He was grateful the enemy team had been such total fuckups that one slender woman had incapacitated two of them. Then he caught a flash of the blade she gripped in her swollen right hand.

Knife fighter, huh? Brilliant weapon choice. Like mechs, cyborgs were pretty much bulletproof. Of course dumb, dumber and dumbest had taken off their armor without binding her or bothering to secure all her weapons.

Note to self—make sure she’s on board with the plan before getting nakey. He liked his big-boy parts right where they were, at least long enough to give her a chance to appreciate his real gifts.

His woman was a true warrior. Didn’t that say it all? If he hadn’t already fallen for her, he would’ve been instantly in love.

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Warriors’ Woman, Book one in the Seduction Mission Series

March 18, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


After revising Camille’s Capture, I indulged in a reading spree. The final stories I picked up prior to recommencing work on the third Mech adventure were the first two installments of the Seduction Mission series. Rereading helps ground me in the fictional world, reminding me of the what’s already happened and what needs to happen next. As I read, I fell in love with Minka and her heroes, Batzorg, Vilmos, and Lorcan all over again. :heart:

Just for fun I’m sharing a snippet from where they first meet in Warriors’ Woman.

Batzorg, one of three, triad unit 341926, crouched and rolled out of the ship before the portal had opened all the way. He zeroed his Annihilator 2300 in on the enemy hurting Minka. Curses filled the silence of his mind when the cyborg turned, keeping her in front of him. The scrap metal piece of scum used Batzorg’s Minka as a fragile, living shield.

Of course Batzorg’s ownership of Minka was not a matter of technical accuracy. The woman had never met him. He had adored her since his introduction to the founders’ biographies as a mech trainee.

She had always been a bigger than life hero to him. Now next to the towering cyborg, she seemed very slight—her delicate frame no match for the powerful enemy gripping her.

Shaken by her fragility, he fought to focus on the current problem. Any distraction, even fear for his dream-woman’s survival, was unacceptable. Her life depended on him. With ruthless calm, he evaluated the battle zone.

They were a dozen meters away. At this range, he hit targets with one hundred percent accuracy, but he had no clean shot.

The triad’s mission remained clear and unchanged—rescue Minka and transport her back to their time where she would be kept safe in suspended animation until she could be reinserted in her own time in a location nearer the California compound with fewer hazards. To avoid altering the course of future events, her memories of him—of all her experiences with the mechs—would be erased.

A mech warrior did not fail, especially not a triad leader. There had to be a way to save her from the scrap metal excuse of a cyborg—not even a weapons specialist. Fortune smiled on the triad in this instance. If the enemy had been armed he would have blown Batzorg to particle dust.

Flipping down his face plate, Batzorg focused the video input receptor to enable his onboard processor to find a shooting solution.

“A throat shot would eliminate the target. The damage to the woman’s head should be within acceptable limits,” the computer’s artificial voice spoke directly into Batzorg’s mind.

Not acceptable to me.

Then Minka slumped in the cyborg’s grasp. With no hesitation, Batzorg locked on the enemy’s neck and fired. His weapon whined. The cyborg’s throat vaporized and the remainder of his helmeted head toppled off his shoulders. A good kill.

Minka slid into the snow.

Batzorg ceased breathing on the sprint toward her. He knelt beside her small body and sought for a pulse. His finger’s sensor on her slim wrist registered her heart rate at one hundred fifty beats per minute. Too fast. Already swelling, her right forearm changed color, darkening to deep-purple bruises. Her lips were too pale. She might have serious internal injuries. The ground was too cold for her. He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he feared moving her. She needed a full med-scan.

He flipped up his face shield with an impatient yank. Where the hell is two of three, the triad med-tech?

She rolled to her left and used her uninjured arm to prop herself to a half-sitting position. “If you’re not going to kill me, then back off so I can check on Nigel.”

Who the hell is Nigel? Did she know one of the cyborg scum?

“You lost consciousness. You will wait for a medical evaluation.”

“I’m fine. I just pretended to faint to give you a clear shot. Now either help me up or get out of my way.”
In an effective demonstration of her determination, she struggled to her feet in spite of her injured arm. To Batzorg’s dismay, his choices narrowed to restraining her, possibly aggravating any undetected internal damage, or assisting her.

Still reluctant, he helped while he eyed the three dead bodies littering the snow and brooded about which one was Nigel and wondered how long the cyborgs had been with her. Had they lied to her? Hurt her? He wanted to kill all of them again. This time slower and much more painfully. He unclenched his jaw enough to say, “There are no life signs.”

Without a word of complaint about her own wounds, she marched past the fallen enemies. Her steps did not slow.

Batzorg caught up with her in two long strides and watched mystified as she crouched by a patch of dark fur.

Icy gusts of wind blew flurries of snow at them. Her teeth clacked from the cold and snowflakes caught on her thick lashes. She turned toward him with tears streaming from her beautiful silver eyes. “Nigel’s not breathing.”

Her tears made him desperate to ease her distress, but he could do nothing to lessen her unhappiness. This weakness left him uncomfortable and ashamed of his inadequacy—a new experience that triggered an illogical anger. Smashing a boulder or two should bleed off some of his fury, but such actions might frighten Minka. So he gritted his teeth and stayed still. “I regret your sorrow.”

Helpless to alleviate her pain, Batzorg positioned himself to shelter her from the wind and turned up his thermal output to keep her warm.

The patch of fur was an animal, logically her pet. He searched his data bank for information and found a match. A cat. Nigel was her cat. Not one of the damn cyborgs.

He had read every account of her life so many times he had memorized several long passages. There had been no mention of her cat in the founders’ histories. He shifted his considerable weight, uneasy with an inaccuracy in their records. What other vital details had been omitted?

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A Taste of Scarlet Review

March 11, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Treeland Pack I 500 X 666

The very kind Jacque at The Jeep Diva reviewed A Taste of Scarlet

Here’s a snippet: “A Taste of Scarlet fit the bill perfectly for me. I found it to be a well-rounded story with the perfect blend of romance, passion and secrecy. A nice slow build up with a happy ending and of course a whole bunch of werewolves. This book was perfect way for me to spend a few hours.”

The rest of her gracious review is here.

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