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A Trace of Ivy

March 22, 2016 | Cover art,Teaser Tuesday


The right to publish A Trace of Ivy, Treeland Pack III reverted to me! A newly polished edition will release April 12!

Here’s the new and improved blurb:

Ivy craves Chet as much as she fears him. Embracing the heat between them will either kill her or cure her. Irrevocably bonded, he needs the sweet mercy of her touch to stay sane and falling in love only makes resisting her harder.

Warning this book has an unreasonably possessive alpha male and a sweet beta female with a wide streak of stubborn and much more courage than she believes. There are lots of dark elements, danger, and graphic violence. It’s for mature adults and not the faint-hearted.

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Writing life

March 8, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


I’m hanging out with the hot guys in Sterling Falls. It’s real pretty here and the scenery is nice too. This doesn’t leave me much time for anything else, except feeding my own reading addiction. :lol:

If all goes well KYLE should be available this October.

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Teaser Tuesday

February 9, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday

It’s February and that makes me think about Valentine’s Day and TEY!

Tey lived at the club, a few floors beneath street level, so seeing him was an everyday occurrence. Miranda never outgrew the thrill.

This morning he was as tall, dark, and mouth-wateringly irresistible as usual. A thick black mustache emphasized his lush, cruelly beautiful mouth. Visible beard shadowed his rugged jaw making him look even more devastatingly sexy.

His midnight eyes flickered over her for a half a second. Strongly shaped eyebrows lowered and he nodded in her general direction on his way past.

She took a quick sidestep to avoid collision with the delicious smelling male. Once again, he’d caught her gaping at him. The brief encounter made her pulse race. She responded to him with an intensity no other male—not even another earth demon—evoked.

She ignored her traitorous body. Too late to impress the male with her fake indifference, she inclined her head in the same brief dip he’d given her. Good morning, to you too, Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, Sir.

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Teaser Tuesday

January 26, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday

Liam II

What could be better than a trip to the Crucible and hanging out at the bar with the Masters? Here’s a snippet to warm your day:

Liam’s first impression had been her costume, particularly the tail, was a punishment. Now he downgraded the outfit to a funishment or maybe animal play was their mutual preference.

“She enjoys being his cat.” Guthrie sipped his drink and set it down carefully. His shoulders shimmied like a horse flicking off a fly. “Just looking at that tail stuffed up her butt makes me damn glad I’m not a sub.”

“You and me both.” Liam’s eyes crinkled.

“Your ex’s brother still shows up here now and then. Is that going to be a problem?” Guthrie changed the subject without warning.

“Not at all. Travis likes whipping willing women. The Crucible is the best place for him. He’s too smart to start anything with me. And before you ask, I’m not going to do anything to provoke him. Ashley’s his sister. She can do no wrong in his eyes. Hell, if I had a sister I’d likely feel the same way.”

Guthrie swirled his drink. “Speaking of Ashley, she hasn’t been in since you introduced her to Ray.”

“Sadist/masochist is a classic pairing. I thought they were a sure thing.”

“She disagreed. Ray was seriously disappointed. This is a stellar example of why you ought to leave the matchmaking to pros like me.”

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Teaser Tuesday

January 19, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday

Liam II

While writing Kyle’s story, I live in Sterling Falls, which means I bump into Liam now and then *happy sigh*. Here’s another snippet:

Still flustered by his effect on her, she managed to follow orders, delivering the fish and foil-wrapped ears to him. “Are you certain I didn’t ruin your plans for tonight?”

“Absolutely not, what made you ask?”

“Lynda prepared three fillets for dinner.”

“I hoped you’d stay.”

So he hadn’t been totally certain. She smiled. “Good answer.”

“Simple truth.”

Liar, you scare me and you push my on-switch like no one else ever has, but there’s nothing simple about you.

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Teaser Tuesday

January 12, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday

Liam II

Last week I added a deleted scene from LIAM to the free reads second on my website, which reminded me how much I love this book. Here’s a little snippet that always makes me smile and sigh:

Liam inhaled the familiar scents of leather, need and sex, accepting the welcome home to the Crucible.

Not even the exotic ambiance erased the sensation of the little slave’s smooth skin. Her softness lingered on his rough fingertips. Her scent, a sensual blend of citrus, vanilla and willing woman, continued to tease his sinuses and mess with his head.

She’d gone still and quiet the moment he’d touched her—a submissive right down to her elegant bones.

He’d be a lousy Dom if he failed to recognize her peaked nipples, rapid breathing and the flags of color on her cheekbones. She’d trembled with fear, but those terrors hadn’t stopped her instinctive response to him. Brave little sub.

A hunger to taste her dug in and rode him hard.

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December 1, 2015 | Teaser Tuesday

Liam II

Releasing December 8th, 2015! Here’s the last snippet:

“Why have you been away from the club, Sir?”

Tiana’s gaze skirted around his face, avoiding the dark orbs that seemed to see right through her skin. The crinkles at the corners of his eyes tightened and smoothed.

There was no trace of paler skin to mark frequent smiles and shared laughter.

“Two reasons—business and a lack of pleasure.”

Intuitively she sensed a test in his clipped response. She wanted to ask what had happened to his former slave, but didn’t have enough nerve to probe deeper. She sought another conversational prompt. The steady, low-level buzz from the vibrator made it hard for her to concentrate. Long moments passed in thickening silence without her finding a single safe topic. She was so bad at this. Master Lewis was right. She pushed too fast too soon.

“Last spring I quit topping a longtime slave and needed some distance.” Old pain buffeted his sparse explanation.

His voluntary response warmed her, more so because something told her he didn’t explain himself often. This wasn’t easy for him either. She heard the hurt in his tone and empathized.

“Releasing her hurt you, Sir.”

“You’re kind. The truth is I couldn’t give her what she needed. There’s nothing worse than failing a submissive who has given you her trust.”

Certainty overrode Tiana’s caution, making her braver.

“You would have never deliberately failed her. Sometimes circumstances are beyond anyone’s control, even a Master’s, Sir.”

“Not an easy fact to accept.” One corner of his mouth tugged into a crooked, bleak smile. “I won’t repeat the mistake.”

He’s going to dismiss me.

Disappointment leached most of her nerve. She shivered, bracing for his rejection.
With a spurt of courage, she reminded him, “You did say I could ask questions, Sir.”

“True.” His harsh features softened. “I didn’t expect you to ask such tough ones.” He tilted her head and lowered his, bringing their mouths into perfect alignment. He held her in place—their lips no more than a breath apart. “You’re a dangerously perceptive little slave.”

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Teaser Tuesday

November 24, 2015 | Teaser Tuesday

Another snippet from LIAM:

Reflex caused Tiana to tug against the restraints, but her arms were securely bound. Nymph, nymph, nymph shrieked in her head. Her breathing hitched. She tensed, waiting for the choking panic she’d felt when Richard restrained her, but the paralyzing fear never happened.

He stepped behind her and tested her cuffs carefully. Apparently satisfying himself they weren’t either too tight or too loose.

Strangely, his matter-of-fact handling made her even hotter. Her breasts swelled, the tips grew tauter, her sex moistened and softened. All she cared about was that he hadn’t rejected her.

Relief surged, melting more of her fear. She darted a swipe across her parched mouth.
Master Liam stood behind her, near enough for her to bask in his heat. She reached back with her cuffed arms, barely grazing the thick length of his arousal.

“Problem, pet?” His hand collared her neck, startling a squeak from her.

“I want to touch you, Sir.” She swallowed again.

“I’ll let you touch me as much as you like…another time.” He circled her, keeping his firm hold on her nape, and leaned close. Instead of the intoxicating kiss she craved, he nipped her already tender lower lip then lapped the bite. “So sweet.”

The gruff compliment barely registered. She was stuck on his offhand mention of another time and all the possibilities implied.

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Teaser Tuesday

November 17, 2015 | Teaser Tuesday

I’m pretty much done with polishing and enriching LIAM (the book formerly known as Simply Irresistible). Now I’m working on the all new epilogue. The new version should be available at a new, more reasonable price early next month.

For now here’s a snippet:

New frissons of sensual awareness fired faster in Tiana’s nervous system. Her heartbeat raced to keep up with the urgent demand and her lungs heaved to grab enough oxygen. Connection, chemistry, magic—labels didn’t matter. Neither did why she responded to Liam and no one else. Her reaction to him was as natural and instinctive as blinking at a brilliant light.

He traced her lips with a work-roughened thumb.

She briefly wondered what he did when he wasn’t mesmerizing submissives. Then he covered her mouth in a fierce kiss, making her open for him and press closer. A surprisingly silky caress from his mustache brushing her face registered. The slow burn from smooth whiskey and rough man teased her taste buds.

He’d barely touched her and her carefully constructed barriers were crumbling.

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Slave Market Review

December 30, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


Here’s a snippet from Stormy Vixen’s review: “The reader can’t help but get ensnared by all the excitement and suspense of the story as spine tingling tension builds as the story progresses from one dangerous or erotic scene to the next and the strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention…”

The entire review is here

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