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Camille’s Capture Sneak Peek

March 4, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Enyo III 500x750

Just for dangerously sexy fans a special excerpt:

Cami took a deep breath and let it out slow. “I’ll do it. I’ll ask each of them for a sperm sample.” The words rushed out before she’d made a conscious decision. The choice was right. If necessary she would endure the males’ barbaric practices. Fertilization was worth anything. An echo of the heat that unfurled deep in her belly when she was near Aegis and Jaxon rippled through her, dampening her sex.

She flushed at the memory. Perhaps in-person breeding has unsuspected benefits.

“The warriors plan to launch an assault force and retake the space station within the next twenty-four hours. One of the sorority’s ships is waiting for the bays to be secured before docking. This once, I think it worth the risk to leave as soon as possible, before conception is confirmed. You might well be on your way to Earth by this time tomorrow. May the Goddess keep and protect you.”

“Thank you, Ambassador. May the Goddess keep and protect you.” She tucked the comlink into her pocket. Dizziness made her head spin. She gathered her courage and used the wall to stand, inhaling and exhaling in measured breaths, while waiting for the lightheaded sensation to pass. She had to fulfill her prime function. She couldn’t indulge in anything as silly as fainting.

“You okay in there?” Jaxon asked through the door.

His worried voice jerked her upright. Cami had been bred and trained to breed. She would not let simple nervousness stop her. As long as she kept a safe distance, avoided inhaling their potent scents, and explained to them what she needed in clear terms, all would be well.

She drew another slow, deep breath for courage, pulled the corners of her mouth into a confident smile, and released the portal. “I’m fine. I need—”

Then she made the mistake of meeting Jaxon’s dark eyes, full of tender concern for her. Their gazes tangled and locked.

Her smile faltered, and her thoughts scattered like sperm exploding from a shaft. The air in the small cabin was rich with a spicy, drugging fragrance. She leaned closer to the warrior, breathed in his addictive scent, and lost her mind.

Coming soon!

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Camille’s Capture Teaser

February 25, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

A teaser from the early chapters:

Turning to level him with a speaking glare, she froze. Her jaw hung agape. He bristled with weapons of death and destruction. More entrancing, he was totally jaw-droppingly stunning. Tall and powerfully built, like every other warrior she’d glimpsed, this one appeared fiercer than any of the others. Perhaps it was his sharp blade of a nose, his piercing, deep-set eyes, or hair cut so short it barely bristled above his skull. Not to mention his frightening arsenal. Whatever the reasons, she knew this man would sire healthy sons and protect them.

A slow burn tightened her belly and warmed her from the inside out until she was certain she must glow a vibrant pink. She stared at him like a mindless fool for too long. At last she snapped her teeth back together. Angry at herself for being distracted from helping the injured sisters, she sniped, “If you’re not going to help me rescue the crew then get out of my way.”

The warrior ignored her demand, studying her. Slowly he grinned, exposing a boyish dimple in his left cheek. The smile transformed his sharp features into something even harder to ignore. “Have we met?”
Her heart gave a foolish little skip. This was so far from what she needed to focus on, it made her furious. She hissed at him. “On your goddess-forsaken world where the women are imprisoned behind walls like zoological specimens? I don’t think so.”

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Sneak Peek At TEY Demon Hunters II

February 4, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Tey  500 X 750

Special excerpt just for dangerously sexy fans!

Tey whirled then grasped her upper arms in an unbreakable hold. “If you keep pushing me, that’s going to change fast, beautiful.”

“Don’t call me that. You don’t know me. I’m not the youngling who adored you.” Miranda sniffed, trying not to inhale his delicious scent. The dark chocolate laced with something spicy and intoxicating should definitely be illegal.

“You are beautiful.” He frowned at her and released his hold.

After he let go her arm, the tingling from his touch and his addictive aroma continued to work on her. She still thought clearly enough to know a smooth line of empty flattery from the notoriously seductive earth demon. Even without her glamour her features stayed boringly human. She had pale, fragile skin instead of lovely, durable scales. Rather than exotic beauty bumps like Tey’s, ordinary eyelashes and eyebrows outlined her eyes. Acceptable assets for a woman didn’t cut it for a fiery female.

A little exaggeration wouldn’t hurt anything. Miranda angled her face back to meet his eyes. “Beautiful by human standards, perhaps. That’s nothing except glamour, pal. The real me is all about the pointy ears, horns, and wicked talons. ”

“What, no fangs?” he mocked her with a wry grin that exposed a dimple.

Refusing to be charmed by his teasing, she snorted a small puff of smoke. “I don’t need sharp teeth. I breathe fire.”

“So you’re a fire demon and what else?”

Her stomach gave a funny lurch at the reminder she wasn’t a pureblood, but she lifted her chin another notch. “Water.”

“Now you’re turning me on, gorgeous. I’d love to see the real you.” His eyes grew heavy lidded without looking the least bit sleepy and his voice deepened into a velvet purr that did wicked things to her body. “Let’s keep the record straight. You may be all steamy and lethal, but I’ve got the biggest scaliest tail in this dungeon.”

She ignored the disturbing interior tingling and deliberately dropped her gaze to his crotch. “Modest too.”

“I was talking literal tail—long scaly thing, hangs off my ass. I’m sure you’ve heard about them. What did you think I meant, gorgeous?”

Miranda rolled her eyes, past sparing feelings he obviously didn’t have. “You know what I thought. Silly me, I forgot you’d rather die than have sex with me.”

Before she could twitch, she was trapped in a cage of steely arms and powerful hips pinned her to the wall.
“There’s a whole lot you don’t understand about me, starting with how much I want to fuck you.”

She dropped her gaze again, letting it linger on the flat front of his jeans. “Yeah, I can tell.”

Glints of seductive power in his dark eyes changed his black irises to brilliant gold and made her lower her lashes, unable to look directly into his heat.

“You are a total innocent aren’t you? For the record, earth demons come with built-in protection against injury to our packages. Mine is strained to the max. I’d kill to be inside you right now.”

Did I really just issue a challenge to an irresistible, horny, intoxicating earth demon? Proximity to Tey must be eroding my self-preservation instincts. This winter may turn out to be a lot more fun than I expected or else I’m in more trouble than I can handle.

Coming very soon :heart:

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Coming Soon TEY Demon Hunter II

January 28, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

This is the story behind the book.

I decided to reissue my Loose Id titles as the publishing rights reverted to me, thinking there would be little work involved. :blush: I should have known better. A casual read through just to clean up any small errors, turned into weeks of work on the second demon hunter book.

Both Tey and Miranda, like every character I’ve ever written, live on in my head. The moment I began working on their adventures, they bounced back to full consciousness and offered lots of helpful suggestions for improving the story. The novella now has six thousand additional words…

I can’t say I was all that thrilled to have my schedule crumble, again. But I am immensely pleased with the result. TEY, Demon Hunters II releases early next month at a new bargain price. I’m hoping my kind and patient readers will give them a try. :heart:

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A Taste of Scarlet Teaser

January 14, 2014 | Fan Friday,Teaser Tuesday

Treeland Pack I 500 X 666

A Taste of Scarlet re-released last Friday. Here’s a snippet that always reminds me how much I love the wolfies!


Approaching footsteps thudded, growing louder the closer they came until the sound drowned out everything except the pounding of her heart.

He was back. Scarlet fought an urge to run.

Her inner bitch hummed back to life, startling Scarlet again. A response to the Alpha? There was nothing else it could be. The Omega stretched, arching her back and sniffed appreciatively, all but shoving Scarlet toward the Alpha.

Oh what she wouldn’t give for five minutes of solid communication with her long-dormant wolf.

While Scarlet was distracted by her inner bitch, the beaming Mr. Coleson set her groceries on the counter behind him.

“Sheriff, good to see you. Have you met Scarlet?”

“’Fraid not.”

Sheriff? Didn’t that just put the frosting on her cake? For the first time, she registered the uniform. How to make an Alpha even worse — give him a badge and gun. She turned, making herself meet the male’s gaze.
Blinking to dissipate the power of his stormy gray eyes, she took in his strong nose, heavy brows, and full lips quirking at the corners. Like most Alphas, he was breath-catchingly gorgeous and dripping with sensual charisma. No doubt, he’d worn out batons staving off the local women.

A whiff of his leather, woods, and wild animal sex fragrance liquefied her knees.

“Scarlet walked,” Mr. Coleson said reprovingly. “She needs a ride home.”

“I’ll handle it.” The sheriff unloaded a loaf of Rye, a package of havarti, and bag of chips on the counter, watching her all the while. “Ring me up.”

“Sure thing.” The traitorous Mr. Coleson moved jauntily, ringing and bagging.

Clearly he was oblivious to the tension between her and sheriff, not to mention unaffected by the Alpha’s incredible scent. Good thing too; if he noticed they weren’t exactly human, there’d be hell to pay. She didn’t need more complications.

Despite her effort to stand still, Scarlet fidgeted under the weight of the sheriff’s scrutiny, wishing she could grab her groceries and go, but his steady gaze held her as surely as if she’d been bound and gagged. An image of herself in cruel silver chains with a filthy rag stuffed in her mouth flashed through her mind’s eye, leaving her shaky and nauseated. Her inner bitch’s presence vanished.

The sheriff took both bags in one capable looking hand, cupped her elbow with the other, and steered her out of the store. “Take it easy, Red. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Now he read minds too? No, he’d probably caught scent of her fear. Goddess knew the depressing tang was all she could smell. There was nothing she could do about her telltale odor, but she didn’t have to cower and snivel. She straightened her spine. “Thanks.”

“You here for a visit?”

“Something like that.”

His light grip on her arm firmed until her bones felt the squeeze. He stopped.

Instantly, she regretted evading his question.

“May I see some identification?” His sensual mouth tightened, and Alpha power edged the mild words.

She fought the rising tide of fear at the sharp tone of his suspicion and lost the battle. She looked away from his tight face, unable to meet his eyes, and then darted peeks at him through her lashes. Technically, he’d asked a nice respectful question, but she wasn’t silly enough to believe refusing to answer was a real option.

Tingling licks of flame teased her skin wherever his gaze brushed it; it felt as if he’d actually touched her. While she fumbled for her ID, heat streaked up her neck. Great. The redhead’s curse — an ugly blush was searing her face.

After an age, her clumsy fingers extracted her driver’s license from the leather case

He took the identification and studied it with a stony expression. “Any other picture ID?”

“No. She bit her tongue to keep from adding anything else she’d regret.

“Is this your current address?”

For a second she thought his gray eyes warmed. A wild imagination was so not helpful. Especially not when dealing with Alphas, a sub-species of werewolf totally missing the humor gene. She almost answered yes automatically before she caught the trick in his question. With a lift of her chin, she said, “It’s my permanent address. Currently I’m staying at my grandfather’s place. He left it to me.”

He didn’t answer right away.

“Satisfied?” she hissed like a shrew.

This time, she didn’t imagine the sparkle in his eyes or the quirk at one corner of his surprisingly generous lips, and new hot spots sparked to life in her breasts and between her legs.

“No.” He gave her another long, slow perusal, finally handing back her driver’s license. “Not by a long shot.”

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A Taste of Scarlet Blurb

January 7, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Treeland Pack I 500 X 666

Here’s the blurb!

A rare Omega wolf with the gift of healing, Scarlet shattered her wolf connection while held captive by a pack of rogue Alphas. The abuse also left her with a severe Alpha-phobia. A broken wolf link put her out of the mating game. But determined to serve a pack in need of her healing, she searches for the legendary werewolf whisperer on the chance he can work the miracle she needs.

Once he roamed North America guiding the broken wolves back to wholeness, but Daniel nearly lost his humanity the last time he tracked a rogue. Escaping from the whisperer business was a matter of survival. He spent months in his true werewolf form. Now he’s a lone wolf and the sheriff in sleepy Cedar Grove. He likes peace and quiet in his territory, same as any good law officer, and the new redhead in town is pure trouble.

Two seconds after they meet, she’s disturbing the hell out of his peace. She’s a pack princess and he’s not interested in a pack sanctioned mating. Been there, done that, and still paying through the nose for the mistake. Leaving her alone is the right choice, but she smells so delicious.

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A Taste of Scarlet Cover Reveal

January 3, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Treeland Pack I 500 X 666

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Coming Soon COLIN: Demon Hunters I

December 10, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday


Here’s the blurb:

Holly loves her job as a private nurse, but the ill and injured offer little chance to explore her secret longings, especially not for a submissive seeking a master worth risking her heart. When she braves the exclusive La Ceinture Noire, a mysterious dom takes charge of her. She never sees his face, but she’ll never forget his powerful mastery.

Demon hunter, Colin avoids the sweetly submissive nurse next door because she doesn’t deserve to be drawn into his nightmare world. No one does. All he has to offer her is pain and heartbreak. He damn near hurts himself by tripping over his own tongue when he spots her in red lace lingerie at the club. After a too brief interlude with the enchanting little slave, he comes to his senses, and alters her memory of their encounter before leaving.

But there’s more to Holly than he suspects. For openers, she’s immune to his mind games. He can’t erase her memories without serious damage and he can’t bear to hurt her. The more she learns about him, the greater her jeopardy. How can he keep her safe?

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Colin: Demon Hunter I Coming Soon

December 3, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday

coming soon

COLIN, the first of the Demon Hunter series should be out this month. I’m excited to give readers a second chance to meet some of my favorite characters!

The demon hunters operate out of La Ceinture Noire, an exclusive fetish club located on Treeland’s east side. Set in the same story verse as the Treeland Pack tales, but on the darker, kinkier edge of the city’s nightlife. :wink:

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Simply Irresistible Excerpt

November 19, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday



“Looking for this?” A deep voice startled her. She forced herself not to run.

He held up her membership card and strode closer. “You must have dropped it leaving your rig.”

He prowled toward her with the easy grace of a natural predator. She watched his approach with the wariness of cornered prey, hating herself for being constantly scared. She glanced at his dark hair, closely cut and still damp from a shower. Her gaze raked past a noble brow to the aviator shades shielding his eyes. He was everything that scared her and everything she wanted. He offered plenty of other manly scenery. A bladed nose, a luxuriant mustache and full, sensual lips led her to a square chin. She’d never cared much for facial hair on a man, until now. She couldn’t decide if it made him look more dangerous or just hotter. He wasn’t anywhere close to pretty—his features were all hard angles—but he was devastatingly, utterly alpha male.

He ran his hand over the damaged bumper. “I know someone who can pound this out. A little paint, some buffing and you won’t be able tell anything happened. Do you want his number?”

“This is the first time I’ve driven the truck…” Emotion choked her for a couple of seconds. She shook her head in frustration. Stupid to let such a tiny thing upset me. I’m not dead or injured. Bumpers cam be repaired or replaced. I’m not letting some rage-aholic ruin the rest of a wonderful evening.

Anxious for him to see her as appealingly compliant rather than a helpless woman, needing him to rescue her, she downplayed the hit and run. “Stupid to be so upset over a fender-bender.”

Objectifying the sex god beside her was a much better option than reliving her close call with the tailgater from hell. He’d crouched to examine her truck, putting his head level with her waist. She still felt dainty in comparison. When he stood she admired more of him. Below his bronze jaw, a strong neck broadened into broad shoulders. A black, open-neck polo shirt covered his wide chest and tucked into the flat waist of pressed khakis secured by a supple black leather belt. His legs were long and strong. The casual slacks covering them broke over a pair of gleaming loafers.

He stood and crossed his arms. A frown made his harsh features more intimidating.

Clearly she failed to respond to whatever he’d said. She’d been so busy gaping, she couldn’t recall a single word.

He moved nearer—much too close for her sanity. Her heart accelerated and her skin tingled. She breathed in a hint of sandalwood, cloves and clean, musky male. His overwhelming presence held her in place. Was she frozen from fear or the desire to surrender to his rough mercy?

He stopped. His chest almost touched her breasts. He slid the shades down, peering at her over the top of the tinted lens. Eyes darker than a moonless midnight sky met hers. Power shimmered from him like a force field.
Tiana hadn’t seen him at the club before, but he defined Master.

“Thanks.” She held out her hand for her security card.

He traced the diagonal mark where the safety strap had marred her bare shoulder and the tender swell of her upper breast.

His touch caused an ache entirely separate from the soreness of her bruises. His gaze followed his knuckles, burning right through her skin, seeing far more than she was ready to expose.

Her reaction to this stranger shook her fragile faith in her own judgment. She straightened her spine. The extra quarter inch she gained made her at least five-eight without the adorable blue sandals. The heels brought her eyelevel with his jaw. She lifted her chin. Strength comes in smaller packages too, big guy.
The blend of his subtle aftershave or cologne and his own healthy male scent flirted with her nose, intoxicating her and accessing some interior hormone factory. A yearning for him to correct her defiance and take control flooded through her.

She was hyperaware of his proximity, her freshly waxed pussy, the constriction of her corset and tiny thong beneath her light sundress and her heart rate accelerated. Her tongue seemed glued to the roof of her mouth. She focused on a tuft of black chest hair visible in the open vee of his shirt. She lowered her gaze only to lock on well-defined biceps and brawny forearms. His nearness held her as rapt as a star-struck teen in the presence of her idol.

When his blunt-tipped fingers didn’t release the plastic card a spark of daring made her tug on the edge.
He held tight.

She pursed her lips. “Give me my card.”

“Did Master Lewis fail to teach you how to speak to a Master?”

“No Sir.” Her defiance wilted under his disapproval. Of course he knew Master Lewis and would probably report her lack of respect. She could look forward to some diabolically creative punishment. Awesome.

“Please give it to me, Sir.” She tugged again, trying to retrieve the small rectangle. Their fingers met. A frisson skittered along her synapses from the point where they touched. She wavered on her fragile heels as a wave of potent sensual awareness engulfed her.

He steadied her with a broad palm on her hip.

She stilled, staying as mum as a turnip.

He gently lifted her chin, tacitly encouraging her to meet his gaze. “Are you okay?”

His hand was warm and calloused, making her wonder what this powerful man did when he wasn’t overwhelming innocent women. The kindly crinkles at the corners of his eyes bolstered her courage. “I’m fine. Please let go of me, Sir.”

“You’re very beautiful and very new.” He didn’t release her.

She dropped her eyes again and nodded. Too late she realized the dip of her head made it seem as if she agreed with his ridiculous compliment. Her cheeks heated.

“You must be new to the lifestyle as well to blush so prettily.”

The warmth from his hand left her face, leaving her slightly chilled. Heat flooded back as he brushed his knuckles along the side of her neck, across her shoulder and skimmed down her arm.

She wasn’t all that new, but she didn’t trust herself to manage a coherent explanation. There was nothing overtly sexual in his barely there caress, yet he’d captured her completely. Her nipples ripened into hard berries of need and shocking cream dampened her bare pussy.

“You may call me Sir, or Master if you prefer. And your name is?”

There was no reason not to tell him her name. He could learn it easily enough by asking Master Lewis or Master Guthrie. This weekend she was moving to Sterling Falls with a population 3,627, so it wasn’t likely she would run into him outside the Crucible. “Tiana, Sir.”

“A beautiful name for a lovely submissive. You aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. Not while I’m enjoying holding you. You’re going make someone a sweet slave.”

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