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Snippet from Colin, Demon Hunter I

December 16, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Colin 500 x 750

The book belongs to Colin, but Holly is his perfect match so here’s a peek at her working up the nerve to visit a local club.

She couldn’t deny the idea of a dominant lover excited her, but could she handle the reality?

The red lace lingerie beckoned—there was nothing vanilla about that outfit.

Opening the invitation again, she read carefully. The chances of her meeting anyone she knew at La Ceinture Noire were infinitesimal. Tamara had explained about the club’s rules, safe words, and hard limits. The engraved invitation was an unexpected gift and her best possible chance to explore a different world. The slave auction even benefited Wagging Tails, a charity she supported. She’d just listed four good arguments for taking a very tiny risk.

What did she have to lose? Nothing at all, except another boring, lonely, night at home alone.

COLIN is available now and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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Snippet from Slave Market

November 18, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Slave Market 500x750
Cassie lapped up the tempting drop of precum from the slit in front of her. “You’re a mighty big distraction, Sire,” she murmured, nibbling the underside of the velvet soft crown.

Xyn hissed.

She wasn’t sure whether or not that was a good sound.

Then Belz chuckled and she bit back a grin, figuring Xyn couldn’t be too angry if his friend laughed.

So fast that her urge to smile hadn’t completely passed, he slung her over one broad shoulder then nipped her large, round, and very tender ass.

Her head reeled and not just from hanging upside down. He’d picked her up and flipped her over with so much careless ease she might have been a sack of syn-down.

“I want a piece of that,” Belz said wistfully.

“Once I’ve trained her properly, you’ll enjoy her even more.” Xyn licked the tiny sting away from where he’d nipped her butt.


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Slave Market Blurb

November 11, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Slave Market 500x750

I spend a ridiculous amount of time writing blurbs, which are nothing more than an attempt to sum up a novel in few lines. Here’s the one for Slave Market:

Rescued from sexual slavery by a dragon king, Cassandra owes the royal a debt she can never repay. Dormant dragon gifts earn her a place of trust as companion, but when she loses her headstrong charge, she faces disgrace and death.

Handpicked to recapture the kidnapped princess, Xyn and Belz are ordered to work with Cassandra. That she’s forced to accept a role as their slave is bad enough, but the males bluntly tell her that she can’t come with them unless she can handle all of their sexual needs. Desperate to atone for losing the princess, and innately trusting the males, she reluctantly agrees.

The dominant dragons are hard males to satisfy. Cassandra exhausts herself bringing them pleasure. More troubling than her fatigue from so many orgasms is that their erotic demands prove addictive, binding her heart and soul to the dangerous males more surely than she was ever bound by a slave collar.

The story is available for pre-order here!

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New Review of Tey: Demon Hunters II

November 4, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Tey  500 X 750

The lovely CJ Gwin, who creates beautiful cover art recently reviewed TEY.

Here’s a snippet:

“Did I like the story? Hellz ya! Who wouldn’t like a sexy, hot, demon hunter at your disposal? Scenes were obviously hot and steamy.”

You can read the entire review here

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Matching the characters in my head

October 28, 2014 | Cover art,Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

My cover art may not be nearly as polished as professional covers, but it’s a lot closer to the characters in my head. :lol:

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Indie Adventures Continued

October 21, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

I write erotic romances different enough from the genre standards I’m still amazed and very grateful respectable publishers took a chance on my work. The first story, an erotic romantic suspense earned positive reviews, a few fans, and gave me a mind-opening education. Every subsequent book and professional relationship has added immeasurably to my understanding of how to craft a good tale and so much more that I’d need to write a book to list everything I’ve learned from talented experts.

Seven years after than first contract, I still want to push the genre’s edges. For now, (I’m nothing if not fickle,)I continue to focus on revising, enriching and polishing those titles that have reverted to me and possibly expanding those series with new stories. :heart:

At the moment, I’m enriching and polishing Slave Market for re-release. More about that soon!

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DUEC, Demon Hunters III Snippet

October 14, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Duec 500x750

Here’s a peek from Duec and Belinda’s adventure:


“Okay, you might’ve believed you had good reason to hang out.” Too bad it wasn’t because a sudden realization you love me madly, and jealousy drove you to desperate measures. Better yet, you wanted to ravish me, starting with tearing off my clothes with your teeth. Hey, no harm in fantasy, right? Sexy dreams are loads more fun than some new horrible threat. Goblins and grief-crazed females are shake-in-my-pretty-boots scary.

Belinda’s favorite erotic daydream starring Duec played, the images growing explicit. She willed herself not to blush and shut off the triple X show. If she wanted to be treated as a capable woman, then she needed to behave as an adult would, keep her head in the game, and stop drooling over her protector. Duec looked after her. The same way he did with the demon hunters, the civilians, the council—everyone he considered his. She’d reacted to his concerns like a the worst kind of bratty sub.

The male redefined stubborn, but it was her quick temper and tongue making him as uncomfortable as she felt. The awkwardness was all in her mind—beyond stupid. Duec had no idea she lusted for him in her heart. She crossed the half a dozen steps separating them and patted his arm. Muscles rippled under her touch, radiating welcome heat into every cell in her body. “Next time, just tell me, okay?”

He almost quivered with tension. “I’ll try.”

“Not good enough.” She kept her tone steady.” I’m definitely playing with fire, but I’m not stopping. Her rebel fingers curled into his forearm. An insane impulse to exact her own penalty for spying made her tug him closer, stretch up, and steal a kiss.

His lips were impossibly soft and so hot her mouth burned. He stood as rigid as a statue—an enormous statue with an inner nuclear reactor core.

The same irresistible urge to be close drove her to burrow into all that power. She wanted to set him on fire, ’cause burning alone was so wrong.

The brawny arm she’d been clinging to wound around her. A big hand cradled her butt. He lifted her until a hard rope of arousal pressed against her sex. She reveled in the sensation. His impressive erection meant the searing heat sizzling through her veins wasn’t just a humiliating manifestation of her mad crush.

Lovely relief gave her courage to wriggle nearer.

Duec took control, deepening the kiss.

All rational thought vanished beneath his molten caress. In her mind’s eyes, erotic images flashed of her naked, undulating, and begging for his mercy.

He cupped her head, holding her in place for a more blatant claiming.

Even the graphic pictures burned away. Nothing existed except his addictive taste and scent—dark chocolate with a kick of fiery spice and hotter sex. She licked into his mouth, sucking his tongue, desperate for more.

A deep rumble vibrated from his chest. Oh my. He nearly purred. The sexy sound reverberated inside her, bringing her frightening close to shattering from a freaking kiss.

Her icy control met Duec’s nuclear blast, and she melted. The evidence soaked her scarlet thong. In that moment, she would have given him anything. Her icy control met Duec’s nuclear blast, and she melted. The evidence soaked her scarlet thong.

Then he broke the kiss, boosted her over one broad shoulder, and locked one arm securely around her legs.

From her upside-down vantage point, she spotted her carryall dangling from his free hand as he strode out of the private room. She couldn’t kick, but she beat on his back. “Stop. You can’t carry me through the club like this.”

“Cloaked us.”

His words rumbled through her, halting her in midpunch. “We’re invisible?”


Handy trick. Her cheeks burned as his words registered. She could’ve accomplished the same thing with a simple spell if she hadn’t panicked. Okay, panic is too strong. I’m just flustered by a kiss totally worth a little fuzzy thinking. “Where are we going?”

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DUEC, Demons Hunters III Coming Soon

October 10, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Duec 500x750

Just a reminder, the original opening scene for DUEC, Demon Hunters III didn’t make the final cut. I still like the introduction and included in Free Reads. Here’s the link to Welcome to La Ceinture Noire.

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DUEC Cover Reveal

October 7, 2014 | Cover art,Teaser Tuesday

Duec 500x750

I’ve read it about a dozen times and I’m still looking forward to the release! Here’s the blurb:


Duec, head of the demon hunters and La Ceinture Noire’s owner, is master of all he surveys, except fate. Death shadows him, drawing closer each day. A different foreboding whispers of danger to Belinda, the damaged halfling he’s sworn to protect. He’s waited a lifetime for her. She’s the other half of his soul, a true submissive too wounded to accept him as her master. He must make her safe from his enemies without him.

Unable to tolerate another’s dominance, Belinda, contract witch to the demon hunters, plays at Duec’s club as an icy Domme. She earned her nickname, Control Queen by giving other submissives the discipline they need to find release without ever seeking personal satisfaction. No matter how skillfully she manages her subs, the only male she longs for never sees the strong mistress she’s grown into, only the frightened, damaged child he rescued.

Then his enemies strike, capturing Belinda—changing everything. A failing Duec must battle ancient evil to save his mate and Belinda must find Duec before it’s too late.

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Snippet from COLIN, Demon Hunters I

September 23, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Colin A

DUEC, Demon Hunters III releases next month. Each story stands alone, but I love reading series in order. For gentle readers readers who share my preference here’s a snippet from Colin and Holly’s adventure. :heart:

From under her lashes, Holly watched as the doorman placed a folder on the counter. All she saw was her captor’s broad shoulders bunching and straining an expensive evening jacket while he bent his head and flipped to the last page of the document. With a click of the pen, he scrawled an illegible signature and then beckoned Harry closer. They spoke, but their voices were pitched too low for her to catch any of the conversation.

“You’re covered.” He pushed the pen and folder closer to the doorman, then handed over her coat and sparkly clutch.

When had he unbuttoned and removed her coat? Had she given him the purse? She didn’t remember doing any such thing. Holly drew in a deep breath to clear her muzzy head or perhaps to protest his presumption, but his intoxicating masculine scent filled her lungs and raced through her bloodstream, diverting every thought except how wonderful he smelled.

A terrific example of needing to be careful what she wished for. She’d wanted to know if she really was sexually submissive. Confirmation was looking more definite with every breath.

She was fairly certain the club safeguards that Tamara had told her about—a standard practice at well-run fetish clubs, which were designed to guarantee her safety—had just been dispensed with by the Dom holding her neck. Why hadn’t she stopped to consider how hard it would be for a submissive to deny a real Dom anything he wanted?

She should have been frightened. Instead her nipples grew more rigid, begging for his attention, and her core bloomed for him, soaking the small piece of lace between her legs. Her response was so far from normal that she had to swallow before she spoke to his back. “Are you taking me to the slave auction?”

“Absolutely not.” He chuckled without turning. “But if you’re very good, I might let you watch a little of the bidding.”

Without her having seen him move, he was behind her. He steered her into a secluded corner, pinned her against the wall, and slipped a silky blindfold in place. “I don’t want you distracted.”

Intending to protest his highhanded treatment and the blindfold, her lips parted. He whirled her around and covered her mouth with his.

The kiss started slow as he brushed his lips against hers over and over until she burned for more. She strained closer, but he’d transferred his grip to her shoulders and easily held her where he wanted her. Tiny licks tasted the inner edge of her lips. She was lost in his flavor—a dark chocolate with a hint of her favorite green tea and something more—something sinfully erotic. She’d been kissed before, but never like this—like she was delicious and necessary. Seduced by his taste, she forgot to breathe.


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