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Free Reads

So you’ve devoured my entire backlist and are impatiently waiting for the next installment in your favorite series. I understand. :wub: I’ve created a new section just for you.

While writing, some scenes don’t make the final cut. In my case those are usually opening scenes, because the beginning often involves more than one pass. :lol:

KYLE begins at the Sterling’s Open house, exactly where the second edition of LIAM ended. This mini-scene from Cat’s point of view her unable to shake free of KYLE’s spell.

LIAM begins with Tiana in trouble. This scene shows her creating a new life while still fighting the nightmare of her past.

The second edition of LIAM includes an epilogue. I’m including the post script scenes as a bonus for those who read Simply Irresistible (the first edition of the story) and would like another peek at Tiana and Liam. Warning for those who haven’t read LIAM, the new and improved edition this free read contains spoilers.

A Taste of Scarlet, Treeland Pack originally had a different beginning, for those who don’t mind a slower start, heres an Alternate Opening scene :heart:

The second edition of the first Enyo Chronicle is out! For the gentle readers that like a little background with their futuristic erotic romance, I’ve cleaned up the original beginning and added the Dalila’s Choice Prologue.

The third Demon Hunter story: DUEC’s original opening scene didn’t make it into the published version Welcome to La Ceinture Noire .

The Treeland Pack Tales series begins with the prequel A Scarlet Past, book one is A Taste of Scarlet, book two is A Promise of Amber, book three is A Trace of Ivy.

Here’s a scene that I deleted from the published version of A Promise of Amber.

Amber’s Powder Room Escape

The Demons and Dragons series has three installments: Ranin Seven is book one, Slave Market is book two, and Dragons’ Mate book three.

There’s also a free short story: Galaxy’s End a prequel to Dragons’ Mate, introducing a young Suluth.

This scene never happened in Slave Market, but that I’ve always liked it. :wub:

The Slave’s Market’s Back Door.

As time permits I’ll add more free reads.

Happy reading!


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