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Dalila’s Choice Prologue


The foretold apocalypse happened in the year of our lord 2216 by the old reckoning. Many countries joined the battle. The planet lost.

In the first of Earth’s darkest hours, the warriors, strongest of all the males, seized every viable spacecraft, escaping from the doomed world with their mates.

The ever dwindling humans left behind were largely sterile. As the years passed, those rare men, still capable of healthy, motile sperm production, fathered only female offspring. There had been no reports of a male birth in more than century.

Two millennia after the Great War civilization still teetered on the tightrope of destruction. Most of those who had survived the initial holocaust and biologic disasters fell during the subsequent centuries of nuclear winter, plagues, and famine. Human and animal populations had not recovered from the devastation. Along with so many deaths, much of mankind’s technological advances had been lost.

Some women toiled to carve out a meager agrarian existence, some formed nomadic tribes, and others roamed the land alone or in loose groups where the only law honored was survival.

One small band of females—the Society of Belle Amity quietly worked to protect and advance the knowledge of mankind.

Even now the skies stayed dark much of time, the winds were fierce, and the temperatures biting cold. Although conditions on Earth remained harsh, through rigorous training and ruthless discipline, the sisterhood progressed and prospered, channeling knowledge to sustain life. Their giant hydroponic conservatories, powered by harnessing the wind, yielded an oxygen-rich atmosphere for their domed compounds, in addition to growing nutrient-dense produce. Their clever scientists synthesized what they could neither cultivate nor manufacture.

Except for sperm.

The society’s bank of frozen semen declined at a frightening, steady rate. This critical shortage forced them to restrict allocation to only those members of the collective with the highest breeding scores. Finally they limited impregnation to proven breeders.

When the last man on the planet died, the precious sperm supply continued to fall with no hope of replenishment. With less than a dozen specimens remaining, the sisters of Belle Amity faced their own extinction.

Out of practical options, they planned a hazardous gambit. A journey to seek the warriors, who had abandoned Earth two millennia ago, was a desperate bid to replenish their sperm bank.

The twelve-year intergalactic trip meant a risky transition into stasis, and an even riskier reanimation procedure for the pilot. The hazards of suspended animation added to the dangers inherent in any deep space flight. Despite the long odds for success, and the many challenges to be overcome, the society voted to proceed. With the survival of their race at stake, they honed their most elegant weapon for this critical mission, Dalila Theron.

Artificially conceived, fostered by the sisterhood, trained in weapons, self-defense, and hastily instructed in the secret art of mind control, the disciple accepted her sacred quest. They scheduled a launch date and drew orders to invade and conquer the men controlling Enyo by any means necessary.

In another galaxy far, far away the warriors continued to build on their strengths on the verdant tropical paradise of Enyo. They fostered a race of super-men, made technological advances, conquered many diseases, and brought the collective standard of living to new heights on their adopted planet.

Only one problem resisted their researchers’ efforts. The men of Enyo continued to produce male sperm—almost exclusively. Each year since their arrival on Enyo, the number of female births declined. Two millennia of fathering predominately male offspring resulted in a serious gender imbalance. Possible solutions proved difficult. Extensive exploration of their new galaxy yielded no human life forms.

Intergalactic travel remained extremely hazardous. In the most recent effort to increase the percentage of females conceived, the council of elders instituted mandatory sperm testing for all unchosen warriors. Only those warriors producing significant quantities of X gametes were eligible to be chosen as a mate by one of the rare fertile females.

The men eliminated from the breeding pool grew restless and unruly. Children of either sex were a pampered and indulged rarity. The few women capable of reproduction were worshiped and well-guarded.

Ineligible males burned off their aggression by participating in war games, playing extreme sports, and indulging their carnal appetites with the ladies of light. The unreal women were designed to match a man’s fantasies. They existed only for the life of a single session in a holoarcade unit. A man was free to indulge in this world of sensual delights during his leisure time as long as no other patrons waited and his work credit balance remained positive. In actual practice, the waiting lines for the pleasure units clogged surface traffic lanes and the restless warriors were always limited to one fifteen minute session.

None of the fierce males guarding the idyllic planet imagined a lone woman orbiting their planet—about to launch a vanguard invasion destined to irrevocably alter their world.

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