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LIAM’s Post Script (aka Epilogue)

Ten years later

The eastern sky lightened through the edge of the drawn drapes with the faint, tarnished-silver glow that foretold another winter dawn.

Liam snuggled back into bed and tunneled under the soft cotton of one of his tee shirts to caress his wife’s softer skin. Careful not to wake her, he freed one arm then the other. The material bunched at the base of her neck. He nuzzled one plump breast, absorbing the delicious feminine scent that was hers alone before retrieving the padded leather cuffs he’d stashed under the bed yesterday. Working with smooth efficiency, he fastened and tested the restraints, anchoring her wrists to the headboard and her ankles to the footboard without disturbing his sleeping beauty. Satisfied she was securely bound, he removed the wadded shirt and burrowed his scruffy face into her neck.

“Hi there.” Tiana’s lips curved into a smile she reserved just for him and her lashes lifted revealing a sliver of sleepy eyes. She tried to reach for him.

“What the—” She twisted, trying to free her arms.

He settled on his side, head propped on one elbow, waiting for her realize how thoroughly she was restrained.

Her eyes widened in surprise then her breath caught on a hitch and the delicate vein on her temple pulsed faster. Her dear expression softened and the sweet, musky scent of feminine arousal intensified.

He fucking loved the way she responded to his need for control.

Liam closed the distance between them, capturing her lips with his. She opened for him, eagerly encouraging his possession as his tongue tangled with hers and he explored every part his wife’s silky mouth.

When he ended the kiss, her gorgeous breasts rose and fell rapidly. He traced the light flush warming her pale skin from her dark hairline to her beaded nipples.

“I want to touch you too, Sir.” She writhed beneath his fingertips.

“Later, pet. This morning I’m in a mood to tease and taste you.”

“Of course, Master.”

The sweet words tugged on his dominant heart.

He sipped, nibbled, and licked his way from her beautiful face, along the side of her throat, to her collarbone and down her sternum before teasing the undersides of her lush
breasts. They’d grown larger and more sensitive with each child—a bonus he savored.

Pleasing himself he palmed the generous globes pressing them together and nipped the taut, dusky rose nipples.

Tiana moaned softly, arching closer.

He pulled back from the tightened tips and then lapped at them, denying her the strong suckle she craved.

“Please, Sir.”

“Please what?” He abandoned her sensitized breasts. “Tell me what you want, clamps?”

“You’re so hard. Let me suck your cock. I want to please you, Master.”

“Ah there she is—my wanton little slave.” He rubbed her nose with his. “Who clearly needs a reminder, what pleases me is your obedience. Always.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Clamps, yes or no?”

“No thank you, Sir.”

“Ice then?”

“No thank you, Sir.” She shivered beneath him.

“You’re making me guess.” He nuzzled the closest nipple. “You like my mouth on you. Maybe I should suck harder?”

“Yes please, Master.”

“You’re squirming. Is there another problem I need to know about?”

“I want you, Sir.”

He captured the peak he’d been teasing and suckled strongly.

Tiana bucked underneath him.

He ignored her silent plea and moved to the neglected breast sucking the aroused nipple deep and hard.

She thrashed and whimpered.

Without releasing the sensitive tip, he pinched the other, still damp, nipple between his thumb and forefinger and tugged.

“Please, Master.”

He released the engorged peak.

“Do I have to guess again?”

“You know exactly what I need, Sir,” she muttered.

“You’re right, but I do like hearing you beg.” He nipped her swollen nipples and then trailed damp kisses down to her small belly, paying homage to each faded stretch mark.

“Your scars are beautiful. Each one is a gift and a special reminder of your love, courage, or the children you’ve born me.”

“Thank you, Master.” Her expression softened and her voice grew thick with emotion.

Reverently he thumbed her bare outer lips apart, baring the glossy pink inner folds and the swollen bud of her clit, peeking out from under its tiny hood.

“You’re so wet for me, pet.” His voice deepened and his cock jerked eager to plunge into her scalding heat as he feathered a light kiss over her excited channel.

“Please fuck me. I’m begging. Please, please, please, Sir.” Her bound legs twitched, helpless in his leather.

“All in good time. After you come on my tongue, pet.” He returned to licking the sweet cream that flowed from her cunt.

“May, I come then, Master?”

Liam lifted his face, still toying with her clit. “Show me how beautiful you are when you come, pet.”

His wanton slave detonated under his mouth.

When her spasms slowed to aftershocks he undid the ankle cuffs, positioned her legs over his shoulders, and edged his cock head into the gateway to paradise.

Hot, wet, silk molded around him, rippling over his pulsing rod. The exquisite clasp of her walls, her restless hips, and her low moan of appreciation threatened his fraying control.

“Come with me, pet.”

“I can’t. It’s too soon, Sir.” Her inner thighs trembled as he thrust and ruthlessly ground against her delicate folds.

“You can and you will.” He pulled almost completely out then plowed back in, scraping her rigid G-spot while kneading her luscious ass.

A desperate whimper was his only warning.

She clamped down on his cock, clenching and releasing in a fierce, irresistible climax.

He tumbled into the perfect union of erotic delight, spilling himself inside her heat.

Every fucking time, she unraveled and humbled him with her generous welcome, thrilling responsiveness, and unquestioning submission.


Liam finished threading the black bow tie around the neckband, tugged the folds into place, and flipped down the stiff white collar. Clean, dressed, and ready for company, he fastened the clasp on his wristwatch. He automatically shot his cuffs, checking the time—six thirty—same as the bedroom clock read.

He crossed to the French doors. It was still too early for the dim light from the crescent moon. Security lights flooding the backyard illuminated fat snowflakes drifting to the ground. The steady snowfall added to the foot of snow already accumulated. The white stuff was postcard beautiful and as the temperature continued to drop treacherous as hell.

Tiana had packed up the kids and headed for Cam’s place for an overnight with their favorite uncle hours ago. She mentioned a few errands, but promised to be home well before the party started at seven.

Technically she wasn’t late, but he’d been looking forward to showering and dressing with his wife. A rarity ever since their oldest son, Cal arrived more than seven years ago. Two years after Cal, she’d presented him with a second boy, Nate. Eighteen months later she outdid herself by delivering Laurie and Mattie, gorgeous twin girls—both born flirts. In another couple of decades when he allowed them to date, they were going to test his sanity. He loved his children to distraction, but missed having their mother’s undivided attention for hours on end.

To hell with giving her breathing room. He snatched up his phone and hit her number. The call went straight to voice mail. Shaken and hating it, he dialed Cam.

His brother picked up on the fourth ring. “What’s up?”

“What time did Tiana leave your place?”

“Dunno, a few hours ago. Why?”

“She’s not home.” Liam hated sounding nervous, but not as much as he hated not knowing Tiana was safe.

“She’s off the mountain and in the big city, probably stopped to do a little last minute shopping, bro.”

“She’s not answering her cell.”

“Run the GPS app then you’ll know where she is,” Cam suggested helpfully.

“No, I’ll know where her phone is.”

Cam paused, no doubt drawing in a breath for patience. “Usually it’s in her purse, but sometimes she forgets to turn it on, right?”

“Yeah.” Not often, but it had happened, just not when he was trying to find her.

“If the phone is moving toward you, it’s a good bet she’s on her way home.”

“Your reasonableness isn’t helping,” Liam muttered.

“Got that, but run the app anyway.”

“Right, later.” His baby brother was more together than he was. But the brat isn’t married or even in love, so what the fuck does he know?

He ran the locator app anyway.

Tiana’s phone was moving steadily up the mountain.

Still concerned, and too restless to linger in their bedroom, he shrugged on the fitted jacket, smoothed the tightly woven wool and checked the mirror, a couple silver strands threaded through his dark hair, more than a couple lightened his beard. His woman liked them, said they made him look distinguished, so what the fuck did he care? Satisfied the penguin suit and fancy dress shirt fit as they should, he trotted downstairs.

Twenty minutes later, most of their eager guests had arrived, his face hurt from smiling warmly, and the GPS blip moved from the garage to the house.

He caught Kyle’s attention and beckoned him over. He got a chin dip in acknowledgement as his brother made his way through the guests. Since finally graduating, he’d stepped up and shouldered at least half of the heavy lifting necessary to keep Sterling Enterprises rolling along like a well-oiled tank. His willing assumption of responsibility freed Liam up to be a husband and father in more than just name.
He didn’t begrudge a minute spent taking care of his brothers, but fatherhood the second time around was so much better. For one thing he wasn’t a teenager taking on single parenthood, plus Tiana by his side made all the difference, to say nothing of the immense pleasure involved in impregnating his wife.

Who would’ve guessed my second tour of parenting would be more fun than my first?

“What do you need?” Kyle drilled a finger into his ribs.

“You to take over greeting for a few.”

“Not a problem, where’s your better half?”

“Back from dropping the kids at Uncle Cam’s.” Unless something went wrong. Liam shook off a chill. He was never truly at ease when Tiana was out of sight. However, even a compliant woman balked at wearing a leash 24/7.

“She should be down soon.” Or maybe soonish if I have my way and when it comes to Tiana I always do.

“Did you want her for something in particular?” Liam narrowed his gaze, warning Kyle to have a care answering.

“Yeah, I wanted an introduction to the stunning red head.” Kyle tilted his chin toward Kate Stewart, Sterling Fall’s newest DVM.

“Why, don’t you remember her?”

Kyle studied her profile for a moment. “There is something familiar about her, but I can’t place her and that’s weird. I never forget a beautiful woman.”

“Kate’s kind of a late bloomer.” Liam squinted at the vet’s blurred outline.

“Chunky, freckled Kate Stewart?” Kyle asked in quiet shock.

“The same, all grown up now.” Liam pulled his glasses out of an inside pocket, slid them on, and brought the rest of the party into focus.

Kate wasn’t in Tiana’s class, but then no one was. She did have big hazel eyes, lots of dark red hair, long legs, a great ass, and the breasts to match.

“Who’s she talking to?” Kyle kept his voice low.

“Tom Knight, the other vet working for Doc Hawthorn. He’s been trying to stake a claim for a while now. Not sure he’s met with any success.”

“Who’s the kid with her, her son?” Kyle helped himself to a flute of champagne from a passing tray.

“Teddy, half-brother. You’d know this stuff if you ever spent time with your own hayburners,” Liam prodded.

“I’ve been busy picking up your slack, besides Bran’s on top of everything.”

“Keep telling yourself that, brat.”

“Vice-president-in-charge-of-your-sorry-ass brat to you, bro.” Kyle swallowed bubbly.

“VP is the best you can hope for.” Liam crossed to the stairs.

“Hey, when are you coming back?”

“Later.” Liam headed up.

Behind him Grace Hayes’ distinctive alto carried across the room to Kyle. “Have you met my beautiful granddaughter, Erica Beadle?”

“Nice to meet you.” His brother had no chance to expand on his polite response before the retired postmistress launched into a list of the pallid woman’s laudable traits.

Once outside the master suite, Liam paused, centering himself with the calm certainty Tiana was his in the same way he was hers, then eased open the door.

His gorgeous wife frowned at the standing mirror in the corner. Lush curves spilled over the top of a holiday red corset, framing her spectacular breasts and flaring over his favorite world class ass. The precious pooch had been ruthlessly flattened by the rigid garment. He missed the small round belly she’d acquired from gifting him with beautiful children.

Below the corset’s restraints her plump mound was covered by forbidden panties.

She knew his rules, so the transgression was an obvious bid for funishment. Lucky for his usually obedient pet, he taught excellent remedial compliance lessons.

He closed and locked the door as silently as he’d opened it and leaned against the solid wood, letting the relief his wife was safe and well wash through him.

Her choice of fetish wear meant she was on board with his plans for the evening, although she might not have expected disciplinary action this soon.

Submissive down to her elegant bones, she would accept whatever punishment he administered and be aroused by the reminder he didn’t allow his slave to misbehave.

His cock grew long and hard in anticipation.


Tiana gave a quick spritz of her favorite fragrance for an extra boost of confidence.

Now she really was out of time. She stepped into the metallic, high-heeled sandals that did nice things for her too full butt and reached for the strapless gown.

“You’re late, your phone is off, and you’re wearing panties.” Liam’s deep rumble listing her mistakes startled her into dropping the dress. When she met his eyes, the heated intensity in his gaze reverberated all the way to her core.

Technically a thong wasn’t the same as panties, but she didn’t bother making the useless argument with her heart trying to pound its way out of her chest.

“Are my rules unreasonable or difficult to follow?” He prowled across the room and stopped, tracing the corset’s boning.

“No, Master.” All too aware she was guilty on all counts, a tremble rippled through her.

She drew in the reassurance of his familiar masculine scent along with the unfailing love and fairness underlying every decision he made, lowering her gaze respectfully. With Liam fair never meant lenient or soft.

After dropping the kids at their favorite Uncle Cam’s, also known as gamer heaven, she’d gone straight to the spa. Hours later her toenails were painted scarlet, skin buffed and hair styled into a messy upsweep. None of this made her twenty-five again.

Her silenced phone hadn’t even entered her mind while she hurried across town to Madam Bella’s. After being cinched into a pretty, albeit larger, corset and slipping on the taboo thong she hurriedly dressed in a pair of loose dance pants, a roomy top, jacket, and warm socks and boots before the race home.

Naturally every stop had taken longer than she’d allowed, making her seriously behind schedule before even leaving Seattle. Icy roads slowed her even more.

“And yet you broke two of them then compounded those mistakes by being late, which made me worry.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Good.” He sank into an armless upholstered chair next to the double bureau. “Bring me your hairbrush.”

Damn, I can’t revise my poor choices, but all I ever want to do is please you. She peeked at her Master’s merciless face and gathered her ebbing courage.

She remained determined to give Liam, her notoriously impossible to shop for husband, a night to remember for their tenth anniversary.

Obedience was a good start.

As long as she kept her stomach sucked in and took slow gliding steps nothing jiggled too horribly. The new corset definitely nipped in her thicker waist, smoothed her lingering baby belly, and plumped her bigger, softer breasts.

She carefully crossed to the dresser and grasped the brush’s smooth wooden handle.

“No dawdling,” he snapped. “I like to see my tits bounce and that magnificent ass jiggle.”

Smart enough to squash an urge to roll her eyes, she raced back, face flaming, and offered him the brush.

“Very nicely done, babe.” He accepted the brush, setting it within easy reach and crossing his arms.

“Lose the panties.”

“Of course, Sir.”

She slid her thumbs into the thong’s delicate band, skimming them down her legs.

The lingerie was a bonus Madam Bella had included with her corset order. Reluctant to hurt the kind woman’s feelings and embarrassed to admit her Master didn’t allow panties, Tiana wore them home. When the last of the guests left, she’d planned slip into the powder room, and removed the forbidden panties.

Damn, Liam’s no panty rule shouldn’t have ever been an issue. She blinked back tears.

“Step out of them.” His deep rumble stayed even, giving her no clue as to the degree of his disappointment and anger.

She obeyed, leaving the offensive scrap of lace behind on the plush carpet.


The single word of approval in his deep, resonate voice triggered a fresh flutter of excitement in her belly. His appeal never lessened, actually growing stronger with each passing year. She turned back to him slowly and paused to appreciate him in rarely worn formal wear.

He was her husband, the father of her children, and her beloved Master. How unfair he grew even more devastating with age.

Her not so much.

At thirty-five she cleaned up well enough to still turn a few heads, but the effects of relentless gravity, bearing four children, and carrying extra pounds were all too evident.

“Do you have anything you’d like to say your defense?”

His rumbled sexy murmur was all it took to make her core commence meltdown. The blood not racing to sensitize her erogenous zones warmed her face.

“I’m truly sorry. I only wanted to surprise you, Sir.”

“By scaring me?”

“No.” She shook her head vehemently. “I only want to please you.”

“Assume the position.” He grabbed a wooden hairbrush and used it to tap his lean thigh.

Hesitating or arguing would only make this worse, so she obeyed, draping over his hard lap, which positioned her squishy butt for his discipline.

“You are more gorgeous now than when we met.” His work-roughened palm smoothed reverently over the plump globes of her butt.

She relished his compliment and caress like a horse awarded a sweet apple.

The first smack of wood on her naked bottom made her jump before the sting registered. He kept a steady rhythm painting her butt in an overlapping pattern of punishment until her entire ass burned, her nipples beaded, and her pussy clenched as he delivered each stroke.

“Your perfect ass is even more beautiful all rosy from a spanking.” He set down the brush, smoothing her tender checks with rough palms again then dipping his wicked fingers between her thighs. “Widen for me, pet.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She complied, blinking back tears between the effect of his gruff, affectionate “pet” and her burning derriere.

“Nothing like a little discipline to clear the air,” he murmured, working a thumb into her entrance and tickling her swollen clit with his middle finger. “You’re so hot and wet for me, I know you’re close. No coming without permission. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.” she sighed.

“Problem, pet?” He strummed the nub peeking out from its hood while thrusting slowly in and out of her drenched core.

“I can’t help reacting when you touch me, Sir.”

“You can and will, because I own your pleasure and I want you riding my cock so I can enjoy that silky cunt milking me when I finally let you come.”

“I’m trying, Master,” She panted.

“That’s my good girl.”

He worked her out for another long, gloriously torturous moment before pulling back and guiding her to stand between his spread thighs.

Her legs trembled. His firm grip on her hips was the only the thing keeping her upright.

“Take me out.”

Her shaky fingers fumbled with his zipper in her eagerness to comply. Finally she managed to free his impressive erection.

He lifted his hips and she tugged the dress pants and boxer-briefs down his thighs, inhaling his endlessly appealing clean, musky scent.

“Good enough. Climb on, pet.”

She hurried to comply, whimpering when her pinkened butt scraped over his wool slacks and cruel zipper. The abrasion stung, but certainly didn’t slow her compliance.

“Easy now, he soothed her sore bottom with his callused hands, guiding her where he wanted her.

He tucked the corset’s lace cups under her breasts, baring her nipples to him. He didn’t tease, latching on to one achy tip and sucking hard.

A full body shudder of exquisite pleasure rippled from her scalp all the way down to her soles, zinging every erogenous zone and making her squirm on his hard thighs.

“That’s my brave girl. Now bring me home.”

She wrapped her fingers around his hot shaft, taking a second to slicken the drop of pre-cum over the crown, teasing the underside of the voluptuous ridge, and then sliding the thick, wet head through her moist folds before notching him in her channel. Slowly she sank down until her aching heat sheathed every inch of his generous cock.

This time they both sighed at the intense pleasure of the perfect fit.

He switched to suckle her other nipple and patted her tender bottom—an unmistakable giddy-up signal. His gentle touch on her reddened cheek set off jolts of fiery delight, threatening to spiral her straight into a forbidden release.

“Please, let me come, Sir,” she begged as she rose up and slid back down his hot steel rod as quickly as her quivering muscles allowed.

“You’re so fucking tight and responsive, you’re killing me,” Liam groaned.

His husky words echoed through her, making her pussy clenched around him faster and faster, stripping her frayed control and tipping her closer toward the blinding spiral of ecstasy.

“Come with me, pet,” he growled.

She obeyed as the first searing blast of his cum erupted, blasting against her vibrating walls and tipping her into another orgasm.

After she regained her senses, he was still stroking her sore ass.

“Well done, pet.” He guided her to her feet then pulled her close and leaned in to kiss her belly before he stood, refastened his pants, and captured her face. “I love you, happy Anniversary.”

“I love you too, were you at least a little surprised by the corset?” She tipped her head up, expecting a kiss.

“In the best possible way, but I adore the woman underneath the clothes.” He covered her mouth with his, kissing her hard, deep, and wet, leaving her with no doubt, he was pleased and she was forgiven.

“My turn.” He dipped a hand in his pants pocket, returning with a robin egg blue pouch, and unsnapping it, tipping a pair of diamond encrusted dragonflies into his palm. “Do you want to wear them?”

“Yes, please.” Her stomach fluttered at the thoughtful beauty he offered.

He deftly removed her studs, pocketed the jewels, and replaced them with the delicate earrings that matched her collar.

He steered her over to the mirror, one strong arm banded around her cinched waist. His free hand lifted, flicking a dangling dragonfly.

“Almost as beautiful as you.” He placed tiny sipping kisses along the underside of her jaw and then down the sensitive column of her neck to her collar bone. “Ready to get dressed and join the party?”

She blushed because she’d forgotten all about the open house and the hundreds of guests she was ignoring.

“Me neither, but duty calls.” His wicked chuckle rippled, acting like an accelerant on her banked passion.
“Hold that thought, babe. I’m kicking everyone out into the snow in a few hours.”

* * * * *

“All done torturing your lovely wife?” Kyle greeted their return.

“What happened? Did she shut you down and leave?” Liam snapped back.

“Who are you talking about?” Tiana snagged a glass of champagne and offered it Liam.

“Kate Stewart,” he accepted the drink.

“Perhaps it’s for the best if she did. She’s a good woman,” she said softly.

“Give me a break, I’m not a Neanderthal,” Kyle objected.

“Of course you’re not,” she patted his arm. “It’s just that Kate has her hands full between clients, Teddy, and Lisa. I don’t think she’s in the market for a fling.”

“What, I’m only good for a quickie?” Kyle glowered.

“Watch, it brat.” Liam warned.

“Fine I’ll go flirt with Grace, she likes me. If you two have no objections,” her brother-in-law prowled toward his prey.

Liam chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Tiana asked.

“Grace is trying to set him up with Erica and he knows, so the brat has to be desperate to get away from us,” he whispered.

“Erica will be devastated. She thinks she’s in love with Eddy Potter, who’s a controlling bully.”

“How do you know these things?” Liam tugged a loose strand of her hair.

“She blushes like Rudolph’s nose every time he crosses her path.”

“Like you do when I caress your sore ass?” He patted her tender butt, setting off exactly the reaction he wanted. “Kyle might be what she needs to bring her to her senses. There are stranger couples.”

Tiana’s cheeks bloomed at his blatant reminder of her spanking. She stood her ground and shook her head stubbornly. “No way, he needs someone who can hold her own, exactly like Kate, but I’d hate for him to break her heart.”

“Underneath that tough facade, he is one of the good guys, pet,” Liam murmured.

“Of course he is, S—” she bit back the almost automatic Sir, distracted by his nearness. Intending to shift the subject to something safer, she asked, “Have you eaten anything?”

“Just a little sweet cream, what did you have in mind?”

She bit her lip to keep from blurting any the excellent replies sitting on the edge of her tongue then suggested, “A late supper for two?”

“Followed by more sweet cream?”

“As you wish.” She dropped her gaze, losing the battle to keep from blushing furiously.

“Perfect, I look forward to it, pet.”

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