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Simply Irresistible


Tiana worked hard to leave her nightmare past behind. Determined to reclaim her sexuality, the sweet submissive finds a hard Master to please. Liam bristles with warning signs. Not a problem. He makes her feel safe. Besides she’s looking for Sir Right Now, not Sir Forever, except someone lethal is watching every move she makes.


Tiana knelt in place next to Ali, the only other newbie still waiting to be paired with a Dom.

The other sub’s cleavage spilled out of a skimpy white top knotted under generous breasts. A very short plaid schoolgirl skirt rode high and snug around full hips. Her glossy brown pigtails seemed to quiver as if waiting to bounce.
Practice had done wonders for Tiana’s comfort level. She didn’t falter or even blush while holding the present position. Of course she had all the sex appeal of a bundle of twigs and she wasn’t naked.

Across the room, Master Lewis talked with Cal and Brody, the unmatched baby Doms. The buzz of male voices was audible, but not what they said. She tensed every time she darted a peek at the possibilities.

Cal could pass as Heather’s brother with his blond all-American hero looks. Unfortunately Tiana was allergic to pretty-boy blonds. They reminded her of her abusive ex. The only other possibility, Brody, was the strong silent type, a baby Dom enchanted with bondage technique and orgasm denial.

“I hope I get Cal. He’s hot,” Ali whispered.

Cal’s light-blue eyes focused on Tiana too often. The new Dom clearly unable to resist the challenge of a sub who didn’t want him. Since he was the softer of the remaining newbies, Master Lewis might well assign him to her, thinking the pairing a kindness. She suppressed a shudder. So do I. But she just said, “Fifty-fifty are good odds.”

Tiana’s new, slim red bangle signified she was a sub and available to play. She wasn’t at all certain she deserved the official badge of courage. She still wanted to flee. Going home early and trying again tomorrow night sounded better with every tick of the second hand.

Master Lewis strode across the room. The newbie Doms followed his lead.

The instructor guided Ali to her feet. “What is your safeword?”

“Dublin, Sir.”

“Excellent, I want you to remember the club safeword is red.” He turned. “Brody, remember safe, sane and consensual are your bywords. If she says either Dublin or red everything stops. Got it?”

Brody nodded.

“Good. The third station in the great room is open. Have fun.” Master Lewis gently nudged Ali closer to Brody.

The baby Dom clamped a meaty hand on the back of his sub’s neck. Ali’s saddle shoes scuffled across the room. One white knee sock drooped.

Tiana bit her lip in sympathy.

Cal winked at her.

Another shiver of dread rolled through her, leaving behind a fresh rash of chill bumps.

The trainer’s mouth pinched closed. He might have sighed.

Her heart was pounding too hard to catch subtle stuff.

Master Lewis said, “You’re free to explore on your own, Cal.”

The pretty boy left, pouting.

Her instructor folded his arms. “Why don’t you want to do a scene with Cal?”

“How could you tell I don’t want to play with him, Sir?”

“You looked away every time he tried to make eye contact. Now quit stalling and answer the question.”

She swallowed hard. “He looks like my ex, Master Lewis.”

“Thank you for being honest.”

Surprised by his response, she flushed.

“And Brody?”

She hesitated.

“Don’t hold back and don’t even think about pretending you wanted him.”

“He seems more interested in mastering techniques than in training a sub, Sir.”
Master Lewis chuckled. “Smart little sub.”

I can’t be in too much trouble if he’s laughing. The trainer’s implied approval eased her nervousness and her pulse slowed. She kept her gaze lowered, waiting for his dismissal.

“One more warning, you met Master Liam in the parking lot tonight.”

Tiana nodded, not sure what Master Lewis was going to say, but pathetically eager to hear more about the compelling Dom.

“He’s a demanding Master. He pushes his sub’s limits, but never allows himself to get emotionally involved. Do you understand?”

Maybe I am sick and subconsciously gravitate toward the kind of men who enjoy hurting women. Her heart sank at the thought.

“Is he a sadist, Sir?” Her breath caught as she waited for his response.

After a few seconds, he said, “He doesn’t think so. But he has demons of his own and you’d be better off with a more comfortable Dom.”

She nibbled her lip, wishing that she was normal and attracted to nice, vanilla guys.

“My point is I want you to remember play here is safe, sane and consensual. You’re going to explore for at least a half hour. There’s no rule you have to hook up with a Dom tonight or anytime you enter the club. But keep in mind permanent voyeurs aren’t tolerated.” He added in a softer, kinder tone, “You cooperate, but you haven’t responded during any of the practice scenes. I want you to consider it may be too soon for you to reenter the lifestyle.”

I definitely responded to Master Liam. That instant spark of arousal between them gave her hope. Someday she would get past her fears. She just needed to work harder.

“Yes, Sir.”

“But you want to try.” He sighed.

“Yes, Sir.”

“All right, stay safe.” He offered a hand, helping her rise to her feet.

“Yes, of course, Master Lewis.” Braver by the moment, she might have actually fluttered her lashes.

He dipped his chin in amused approval. “Go get ’em, tiger.”

Tiana couldn’t imagine anyone less tigerish, but she appreciated the encouragement. She bowed from her waist, staying low and backing away until she bumped the door.

“Very pretty, kitten.”

Kitten was definitely more her. She beamed. “Thank you, Sir.”

The hall outside the classroom was deserted. The dungeon’s recessed lighting left plenty of dark corners for those wanting privacy. She lifted her chin and moved as if she had somewhere to go. Hard rock had given way to a Brandenburg concerto more in keeping with the Crucible’s medieval decor.

The muted crack of leather drew her closer to a glassed-in scene room. She found an unoccupied niche to watch from.

A Master disciplined a slave with a riding crop. The sub hung from an industrial-grade chain, her bound wrists suspended from a sturdy hook. The woman was nude except for a leather collar and matching chastity belt. Rosy stripes marked her swollen breasts, butt and upper legs. She moaned with each stroke and arched her back. Her eyes were glazed, dusky-rose nipples taut. Excitement seeped down her inner thighs from beneath the straps guarding her pussy.

The Master set down the crop and checked his slave’s bindings, cupping the back of
her neck and leaning his forehead against hers. Tiana was too far away to hear what he said, but his slave pressed closer.

Perhaps Tiana was more of a voyeur than she’d realized. A longing for that kind of
intimate connection swept through her, stripping her defenses and leaving her hollow. She touched her tightly corseted waist, but drew no infusion of calm from the rigid stays holding her together.

She whirled away from the intimate display and barreled straight into a breathing rock wall. So much for staying safe.

Strong hands wrapped around her upper arms, holding her firmly in place.

“Easy, I’ve got you.”

Master Liam’s seductive scent filled her lungs while his deep voice soothed her frayed nerves. Rough palms skimmed over her suddenly limp arm muscles. Tingles coursed through her from every point of contact. Her cheeks heated. She hoped the dim lighting hid her blush.

“Thank you. I’m fine, Sir.”

He didn’t release his hold on her, so she added a helpful, “You can let me go, Sir.”

The rigid length against my belly means he’s at least somewhat interested. New frissons of sensual awareness fired faster in her nervous system. Her heartbeat raced to keep up with the urgent demand and her lungs heaved to grab enough oxygen. Connection, chemistry, magic—labels didn’t matter. Neither did why she responded to him and no one else. Her reaction to him was as natural and instinctive as blinking at a brilliant light.

He traced her lips with a work-roughened thumb.

She briefly wondered what he did when he wasn’t mesmerizing submissives. Then he covered her mouth in a fierce kiss, making her open for him and made her press closer. A surprisingly silky caress from his mustache brushing her face registered. A slow burn from smooth whiskey and rough man teased her taste buds.

He’d barely touched her and her carefully constructed barriers were crumbling.
If the maniac driver had rammed her next to one of the sheer drop-offs lining much of the winding road that led to the Crucible she might have died before ever meeting Master Liam.

She shivered and chafed chill bumps caused the echo from her close call. She silently vowed to find more courage.

He pinned her against the wall and kissed her again, claiming her mouth with such expertise she forgot everything except the man feasting on her.

“I prefer my pretty nipples pebbled from excitement.” He casually tucked the corset’s stiff cups under her breasts, exposing her to the cool air and anyone who happened to pass.

“Nice tits.” A strange Dom’s voice made heat race up her neck.

“Thanks,” Master Liam replied with unruffled calm. “I plan to decorate them.”
She reached to cover herself only to have both wrists snared in an unbreakable grip. He wasn’t hurting her, but she twisted, trying to escape.

“Stay still.”

She froze at his command.

“What’s your safeword?” There was no trace of anger in his voice.

“Dragonfly, Sir,” she whispered

He straightened and brushed one of her silver earrings. “You’re a dragonfly fan?”

“Yes, they’re fascinating, Sir.”

“So are you, pet. If something concerns you I want you to say nymph and then I’ll consider stopping.”

“Nymph, Sir?” She tried to concentrate, but the haze from his intoxicating kiss, the press of his erection between her legs and unfamiliar hum of desire left her too muddled to process what he meant.

“A pre-dragonfly.”

“Why don’t I just say dragonfly, Sir?”

“Because using your safeword means I’ve failed and we’re done.”

Master Liam wasn’t failing. He was sheer erotic magic. She was closer to an honest-to-God orgasm than she’d been in years. Done simply won’t work for me.
Dismay threatened to choke her. She swallowed hard.

“For tonight, Sir?”


Harsh. She tried to stay still and compliant while she pondered his decision. Perhaps she flinched, because he studied her even more intently.

“I’m going to help you keep out of trouble.” He worked with complete confidence and startling efficiency, binding her. Something firm but padded circled her wrists and closed with a click. “If the cuffs get to be too much, you say nymph. I’ll consider loosening or releasing them.”

Reflex caused Tiana to tug against the restraints, but her arms were securely bound.

Nymph, nymph, nymph shrieked in her head. Her breathing hitched. She waited for the choking panic she’d felt when Richard restrained her, but the paralyzing fear never happened.

He stepped behind her and tested her cuffs carefully; apparently satisfying himself they weren’t either too tight or too loose.

Strangely, his matter-of-fact handling made her even hotter. Her breasts swelled, the tips grew tauter, and her sex moistened and softened. All she cared about was that he hadn’t rejected her. Relief surged, melting more of her fear. She darted a swipe across her parched mouth.

Master Liam stood behind her, near enough for her to bask in his heat. She reached back with her cuffed arms, barely grazing the thick length of his arousal.

His hand collared her neck, startling a squeak from her.

“Problem, pet?”

She swallowed again. “I want to touch you, Sir.”

“I’ll let you touch as much as you like…another time.” He moved around her, keeping his hold on her nape, and leaned close. Instead of the intoxicating kiss she craved, he nipped her already tender lower lip then lapped at the bite. “So sweet.”

The gruff compliment barely registered. She was stuck on his offhand mention of another time and all the possibilities implied.

Too soon he pulled back and traced the faint mark where the seat belt had bruised her. His rough fingers trailed fire from her collarbone to the slight swell of her upper breast. “Tell me how this happened.”

The creepy tailgater ranked fairly high on the list of things she didn’t want to discuss. She shook her head and tensed, waiting for a reprimand.

“Okay, I haven’t earned enough trust for your secrets yet, but you will tell me what happened eventually.”

She let out a sigh of relief at his easy acceptance of her refusal to answer his question.

Master Liam lightly pinched her swollen nipples. He rolled and tugged until the peaks were stiff and as dark as ripe berries. He pulled a pair of graceful silver circles from his pants pocket. The finely crafted hoops parted when he applied slight pressure. Once the metal opened she recognized the evil.

He attached a miniature clamp to each tender tip.

The pinch was noticeable, but well within her tolerance for pain.

He hooked a pretty chain between the hoops, letting the added weight swing between her tortured peaks. The metal clips bit into her tender nipples and the chain tugged with every breath she drew, keeping her constantly aware of her aroused breasts.

Master Liam moved away to study his handiwork. “Very pretty.”

Heat raced from the clamped nipples to flood her cheeks.

“Open for me.” He patted her leg halfway between her knee and the crease where it joined her hip.

Her thighs parted automatically at his command. He tugged down her damp thong. She lifted her feet one at a time, obedient as a circus horse, while he removed her panties.

“You’re smooth and silky for me. He parted her slit with a work-roughened finger.

“Exactly the way I like my slaves—wet and wanting.”

He remained crouched in front of her for a moment. His sensuous lips and the soft mustache were so close all she could think about was his talented mouth licking her sex. A man who kissed like he did had to be amazing at eating pussy.

When his hand left her slit she started to close her legs.

“Stay open for me, pet.” His tone was casual and yet utterly compelling.

Achingly aware of the cream dampening her inner thighs she held her position while Master Liam strapped what she assumed was a hot-pink butterfly vibrator over her slit.
She kept her eyes respectfully lowered, watching him through her lashes. When the toy didn’t buzz to life, she sighed.

“Relieved or disappointed?”

She flinched at his question then took in his amused expression and admitted, “I’m not certain, Sir.”

His chin tipped in approval. “You’re an honest little sub. You will tell me if anything hurts or scares you.”

Does he think nipple clamps are fun? He’s kidding, right? Only one way to find out.

She took a deep breath and blurted, “The clamps pinch, Sir.”

He removed both pinchy hoops and adjusted the tension.

While he played with the clamps, blood raced back into her freed nipples, stinging the tender peaks. She’d forgotten how much removing the clamps hurt. A whimper escaped her lips. Then the butterfly hummed to life.

“More problems?” His eyes crinkled with amusement.

“They hurt worse now and I don’t like pain, Sir.”

“Is that right?” He re-clamped the torture devises then cupped her sex, penetrating her entrance with a thick finger. “Then why are you drenched, little one?”

Dear God, he’s right. What’s wrong with me? She shivered under his steady scrutiny.

“You’re cold.” He snagged a blanket from an open chest, wrapped it around her
shoulders and steered her into one of the curtained alcoves.

She wasn’t actually cold, but she didn’t complain. He might stop coddling her and she loved being snuggled.

Velvet rustled behind them. The drapes enclosed them in a four-by-eight, private chamber. She was alone with a powerful Dom. For a long moment she took slow deep breaths, fighting mindless terror.

Indirect lighting added a romantic glow to the private niche. Music from strings, bows and flutes played a poignant melody in the distance. Laughter, shrieks of pleasure and the hum from dozens of conversations were only slightly muted by the drapes.

If she needed help all she needed to do was yell “red,” the dungeon’s universal safeword. The urge to panic lessened.

A gothic bench, upgraded by plush cushions, took up most of the space.

Liam lowered himself to the wooden couch and settled her on his lap. He cupped one breast and then the other in his warm palms, easing the ache until she sighed and melted into his heat. He wrapped the fleece more snugly around her and held her close.
The solid comfort of his broad chest and the perfect-for-her-head spot under his chin seduced her into burrowing into his hard, hot body. Under the soft cotton of his shirt, thick pads of chest muscle cushioned her cheek. Beneath her ear, his heart thudded steady reassurance.

She was alone with a strong Dom and she’d forgotten to be afraid.

He shifted her carefully and tipped her chin to meet his eyes. “Warm enough?”

“Yes, Sir.” She dropped her lashes, unable to hold the intensity in his gaze.

He kept her chin tilted until their gazes met again and tangled. “When it’s just us, I want your eyes on me. It helps me gauge what’s going on in your head.”

Her jaw loosened into a middle-school girl’s crushing gape at the implications that there was an “us” and they would share future alone times.

“You may ask questions.”

He expects me to look at him and form intelligent questions at the same time? She focused on his sensuous lips, closed her mouth and swallowed.

“Why have you been away from the club, Sir?”

Her gaze skirted around his face, avoiding the dark orbs that seemed to see right through her skin. The crinkles at the corners of his eyes tightened and smoothed. There was no trace of paler skin to mark frequent smiles and shared laughter.

“Two reasons, business and a lack of pleasure.”

Intuitively she sensed a test in his clipped response. She wanted to ask what had happened to his former slave, but didn’t have enough nerve to probe deeper. She sought another conversational prompt. The steady, low-level buzz from the vibrator made it hard for her to concentrate. Long moments passed in thickening silence without her finding a single safe topic. She was so bad at this. Master Lewis was right. She pushed too fast too soon.

“Last spring I quit topping a longtime slave and needed some distance.” Old pain buffeted his sparse explanation.

His voluntary response warmed her, more so because something told her he didn’t explain himself often. This wasn’t easy for him either. She heard the hurt in his tone and empathized. “Releasing her hurt you, Sir.”

“You’re kind. The truth is I couldn’t give her what she needed. There’s nothing worse than failing a submissive who has given you her trust.”

Certainty overrode Tiana’s caution, making her braver. “You would have never deliberately failed her. Sometimes circumstances are beyond anyone’s control, even a Master’s, Sir.”

“Not an easy fact to accept.” One corner of his mouth tugged into a crooked, bleak smile. “I won’t repeat the mistake.”

He’s going to dismiss me. Her breath caught.

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