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Hot Scoop


Here’s where you find the latest scoop about what’s coming soon and what I’m working on now.

Warriors’ Woman is available at a new an improved price!

Simply Inevitable (Sterling Falls II) is available!

Wicked Games is scheduled for revision and enrichment and re-release in the spring.

There’s always a long list of stories I want to tell. Werewolves, elemental demons, dragons and some very hot humans clamor for their story to be written. This makes my head a very noisy place.There are half a dozen titles on I have the rights to that need a little polishing to be ready for re-entry into the big world. 2017 might be the year of revising and enriching!

COLIN (formerly known as A Very Demon Christmas was nominated for the psyche award at The Romance Studio and I’m up for favorite author, searching for my brown paper bag to breathe into, back soon!


A Taste of Scarlet was a CAPA nominee!

COLIN (formerly known as A Very Demon Christmas was a nominee for Erotic Paranormal Romance book of the year at The Romance Reviews!

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