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A Taste of Scarlet Review

March 11, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Treeland Pack I 500 X 666

The very kind Jacque at The Jeep Diva reviewed A Taste of Scarlet

Here’s a snippet: “A Taste of Scarlet fit the bill perfectly for me. I found it to be a well-rounded story with the perfect blend of romance, passion and secrecy. A nice slow build up with a happy ending and of course a whole bunch of werewolves. This book was perfect way for me to spend a few hours.”

The rest of her gracious review is here.

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Camille’s Capture Release Day!

March 7, 2014 | Fan Friday

Enyo III 500x750

Release days always make me happy, but I’m a bit tired too. This is the sixth release in six months. :shocked:

Did I mention Camille’s Capture is free for a limited time? Click away until Monday night!

Buy link

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Camille’s Capture Sneak Peek

March 4, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Enyo III 500x750

Just for dangerously sexy fans a special excerpt:

Cami took a deep breath and let it out slow. “I’ll do it. I’ll ask each of them for a sperm sample.” The words rushed out before she’d made a conscious decision. The choice was right. If necessary she would endure the males’ barbaric practices. Fertilization was worth anything. An echo of the heat that unfurled deep in her belly when she was near Aegis and Jaxon rippled through her, dampening her sex.

She flushed at the memory. Perhaps in-person breeding has unsuspected benefits.

“The warriors plan to launch an assault force and retake the space station within the next twenty-four hours. One of the sorority’s ships is waiting for the bays to be secured before docking. This once, I think it worth the risk to leave as soon as possible, before conception is confirmed. You might well be on your way to Earth by this time tomorrow. May the Goddess keep and protect you.”

“Thank you, Ambassador. May the Goddess keep and protect you.” She tucked the comlink into her pocket. Dizziness made her head spin. She gathered her courage and used the wall to stand, inhaling and exhaling in measured breaths, while waiting for the lightheaded sensation to pass. She had to fulfill her prime function. She couldn’t indulge in anything as silly as fainting.

“You okay in there?” Jaxon asked through the door.

His worried voice jerked her upright. Cami had been bred and trained to breed. She would not let simple nervousness stop her. As long as she kept a safe distance, avoided inhaling their potent scents, and explained to them what she needed in clear terms, all would be well.

She drew another slow, deep breath for courage, pulled the corners of her mouth into a confident smile, and released the portal. “I’m fine. I need—”

Then she made the mistake of meeting Jaxon’s dark eyes, full of tender concern for her. Their gazes tangled and locked.

Her smile faltered, and her thoughts scattered like sperm exploding from a shaft. The air in the small cabin was rich with a spicy, drugging fragrance. She leaned closer to the warrior, breathed in his addictive scent, and lost her mind.

Coming soon!

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Camille’s Capture Cover Reveal!

February 28, 2014 | Fan Friday

Enyo III 500x750


Cami travels halfway across the universe, survives brutal rejection, humiliation and a firefight. Stranded with two fierce warriors, not even a broken heart will make her quit until she has the sperm she needs.

Coming Soon :heart:

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Camille’s Capture Teaser

February 25, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

A teaser from the early chapters:

Turning to level him with a speaking glare, she froze. Her jaw hung agape. He bristled with weapons of death and destruction. More entrancing, he was totally jaw-droppingly stunning. Tall and powerfully built, like every other warrior she’d glimpsed, this one appeared fiercer than any of the others. Perhaps it was his sharp blade of a nose, his piercing, deep-set eyes, or hair cut so short it barely bristled above his skull. Not to mention his frightening arsenal. Whatever the reasons, she knew this man would sire healthy sons and protect them.

A slow burn tightened her belly and warmed her from the inside out until she was certain she must glow a vibrant pink. She stared at him like a mindless fool for too long. At last she snapped her teeth back together. Angry at herself for being distracted from helping the injured sisters, she sniped, “If you’re not going to help me rescue the crew then get out of my way.”

The warrior ignored her demand, studying her. Slowly he grinned, exposing a boyish dimple in his left cheek. The smile transformed his sharp features into something even harder to ignore. “Have we met?”
Her heart gave a foolish little skip. This was so far from what she needed to focus on, it made her furious. She hissed at him. “On your goddess-forsaken world where the women are imprisoned behind walls like zoological specimens? I don’t think so.”

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Second chances

February 21, 2014 | Fan Friday

writer at work a

The second chance, or reunion, trope isn’t my favorite flavor of romance. Yet for a writer, like moi, whose besetting sin is impatience a second chance to smooth the rough edges of earlier stories is a delight.

Currently I’m working on Camille’s Capture with the hope of releasing the book next month. So far the plot and scenes are surviving my scrutiny with only minor revisions. Those small changes seems insignificant when viewed individually. Taken as a whole they make the story much more more compelling. This brings me back to the impossible to judge pull between the benefits of polishing and the need to complete the story and submit it in order to be published.

How do you decide when you’re done?

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Random musings on writing and reality

February 18, 2014 | Real life

writer at work a

Every now and then I reflect on why I write. Lots of authors say they write for their fans. Although I’m thrilled and humbled when readers enjoy my stories, I write because the wonderful, flawed, complex characters that spring to life from the murky depths of my subconscious need their stories told. Even knowing my craft is never worthy of their adventures, they share their stories with me, so I have to do my best.

Since last year, I’ve spent a great deal of time polishing previously published stories. This has been a delightful chance to revisit old friends and, with luck and the help of an excellent editor, give them a second chance to enchant readers the way they do me. :heart:

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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014 | Fan Friday,Real life


May your Valentine’s Day be dangerously sexy! :heart:

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Real Life

February 11, 2014 | Real life

writer at work a

So in between working on the next Mech adventure, polishing the backlist, oogling, and evaluating cover art I signed up for an editing class. Autocrit does a super job catching unintended repetitions, hackneyed phrases, and overused words. Edit Your Novel (in twenty minutes a day) picks up where Autocrit leaves off, tackling structure, plot, characters, setting, themes,point of view, and dialogue with a lot of real world techniques. Some of the material is familiar to anyone who’s read Swain’s Techniques of a Selling Writer.
For me the reminders were welcome, the approach usable, and checklists alone worth the price of the class. :heart:

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Release Day!

February 7, 2014 | Fan Friday

Tey  500 X 750

Be still my nervous heart!

Buy link

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