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Simply Irresistible, Coming Soon!

November 5, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday


Ellora’s Cave has it up already! The book is releasing November 22.

Here’s the link to check it out!

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First Sneak Peak at Simply Irresistible

November 1, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s the first peek from the beginning of the erotic adventure.

A navy-blue Jeep with tinted windows raced toward her. The aggressive driver startled her into drifting across the yellow center line’s dashes and bumps. Her pulse sped as she double-checked the reflected threat. She swerved the new truck back into the right lane.

Dirty streaks covered the speeding SUV behind her. It hadn’t rained in weeks. The driver must’ve found a creek to splash through to have gotten so filthy.

The vehicle practically kissed her pickup’s bed.

Tension hunched her shoulders. She slowed, giving him plenty of opportunity to pass. The other driver dropped back, crawling behind her.

No other cars appeared. She didn’t dare take her hand off the steering wheel long enough to dig out her cell phone and call 9-1-1. What would I tell them? There’s a maniac in a filthy Jeep making me nervous? The SUV’s mud-smeared plate was impossible to read. She couldn’t even give the authorities a license number.

She sped up as much as she dared on the winding road. He raced closer. On the next straight stretch she slowed again, praying he would pass. He braked hard, skidding back into his slot on her tail.

Her automatic assumption had been the hostile jerk was male. In truth she couldn’t swear to gender. The darkened windshield obscured the driver to a murky silhouette. For five miles the Jeep stuck to her rear like a giant, ugly magnet.

Her knuckles grew pale and shiny from gripping the wheel so hard. Did I cut him off back on the freeway? I must have done something to make him so reckless. Or else I’m a violence magnet. Or he’s a raging asshole. Whatever his problem is, I’m not imagining this threat.

He rammed her bumper. The sheer drop off on her right loomed much too close. The safety strap bit into her bare shoulder as she fought the steering wheel, frantic to keep the truck’s skidding tires on the asphalt.

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A Scarlet Past Release Day

October 29, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday


When I wrote A Taste of Scarlet Scarlet’s traumatic history, especially her mother’s tragic death was crucial to understanding Scarlet. While I needed to know about her sad past, I didn’t want to explore it in depth one the page. Also, I wanted to balance the pain with the story of her parents’ romance, because their love was worth celebrating. :heart:

Buy link

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A Scarlet Past Excerpt

October 25, 2013 | Teaser Tuesday


Rain poured out of the sullen sky. Two feral werewolves were already on the ground, bleeding out. Fortunately for him and the curvy bitch fighting, rogue packs were notoriously undisciplined. This group was no exception to the rule. Three of the lumbering males circled a fragile doll in human form. Every single one of the crazed dogs panted with arousal, their sick excitement polluting the night air. One of the circlers got impatient and charged her back.

Fergus leaped, knocking the charging male down. By rolling, he exposed the enemy’s belly. He used his own powerful hind legs and ripped through the feral dog’s stinking hide at the same time as he bit a big hole in the wounded male’s jugular.

He shook off the foul blood clogging his nose and scanned the scene, frantic to find the doll. He locked his eyeballs on unmistakable curves. She’d hamstrung one rogue and waltzed past with the last mobile enemy.

His heart stuttered with fear. The brave little bitch was way too delicate for this kind of fight. While he watched, she wielded a silver blade with graceful expertise, her movements quick flashes yet always controlled. She danced, nicking the enemy, and staying just out of the slower male’s reach. She stayed cool, not rushing into any hasty moves and waiting patiently for the horny rogue to make a fatal mistake.

Even in human form, the Alpha bitch looked as good as she smelled. Generous breasts balanced a full bottom. In between the lushness, a slender, supple waist twisted as she parried with the crazed male. Her hair glinted a deep red, ivory skin shimmered in the moonlight, and plump lips parted, baring pearly teeth in a tight smile at the foaming-mouthed rogue.

Watching her made Fergus’s own sorry hide feel too thin—too much like one of the poor, sick males. He itched for a caress from those delicate hands. The gut-twisting craving reminded him how touch starved he was and how close to madness he’d come.

Determined not to fail her, he ignored his hunger and paced downwind of the fight. Finally sinking to the ground with a grunt of grudging admiration, he let the rain roll off his thick fur and settled down to enjoy the show. The drizzle plastered her thin dress to her provocative curves, improving the scenery.

Meanwhile, she polished off the wounded rogue and kept the snarling mover at bay. As distracting as the wet cloth made her, Fergus stayed alert, ready to spring to her aid if she needed help. At the same time, he fumed about the kind of mangy Alpha who’d let this sweet little doll roam the night alone. After they’d finished up here, which was going to be a challenge with the body count she’d piled up, he planned to tear her pack leader a new asshole.

His plotting came to halt. She was panting for air and the rich scent of female blood pinched his snout. She kept one arm pinned to her side. The damn rogue had hurt her. How the hell had he missed that?

His snarl ripped the air during the short flight to the enemy snapping at the female. Fury obliterated his fatigue and aches, fueling him with extra strength. He bit down on the rogue’s neck, locked his powerful jaws, and shook the worthless dog until he went limp in his teeth.

He dropped the dead enemy and turned to check on the brave little bitch.

She watched him warily from a fighting crouch.

Hard as it was not to keep from gawking at her magnificent, heaving breasts, he forced himself to meet and hold her beautiful eyes.

From the edge of his vision he saw blood trickle from the gash in her side. How badly was she wounded? Why didn’t she shift to heal faster? A rumble of irritation escaped him as he closed the distance separating them.

With stunning speed, her silver blade flashed, nicking his chest. The small cut stung like a whole swarm of bees.

As he backed off, a sneeze cleared the stench of rogue out of his snout and he caught a good whiff of her. The intoxicating honeysuckle fragrance prickled with notes of anger, pain, amazing command, and seductive female challenge.

He moved in more cautiously. The bitch wielded a wicked knife, and she was pissed. None of that changed the fact she was hurt. He had to help her.

When he sidled nearer, she brandished her blade and edged away from him.

Rogues couldn’t shift. So he did. It was the only thing he could think of doing to reassure her that he was one of the good guys.

Her eyes widened to saucer size. With no warning, not a single damn tell, and way too much accuracy, she threw the knife.

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A Scarlet Past Blurb

October 22, 2013 | Fan Friday


Here’s the unedited blurb:

Sidelined by an injury, Fergus Wickham needs a new identity to re-enlist and get back to killing Nazis. When he arrives early for his meeting with the local Alpha, he finds a knockout doll facing off a rogue attack. As he helps her body count climb, his respect and arousal grows. When the battle ends, he finally meets the local Alpha, Vivian O’Connor, his mate.

As World War II heats up, so does the secret battle on the home front. For two touch-starved warriors, mating is more than pleasure– it’s a matter of survival, preventing Fergus from becoming one of the raving rogues threatening the packs and keeping Vivian alive to fight another night. But are both Alpha leaders, determined to win, when their only chance for victory is surrendering to desire.

A Scarlet Past is scheduled for release October 29th!

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Another Sneak Peek at A Scarlet Past

October 18, 2013 | Fan Friday


As promised another excerpt from A Scarlet Past, this time from the middle of the story. If you missed last week’s excerpt you can read it here

With Fergus’s hungry eyes begging her like a starving male waiting for his favorite desert, Vivian found it hard to think. She had too many dependents to act impulsively. Her practical side came to the rescue. She stood and dropped her napkin on the table. “I need to make another call.”

The sting of her rejection tightened his face as if she’d raked him with her claws. In stark silence, he turned away and began cleaning up the breakfast remains.

His hurt look stayed with her, nipping at the tender female wolf heart she kept hidden behind her Alpha-bitch facade. With heavy steps, she crossed to the phone and asked the operator to transfer her to housekeeping. “I stumbled last night and ruined my dress. Could you send someone to take it for cleaning and mending?”

“Do you need a doctor?”

“No thank you. I wasn’t hurt, just a scrape or two.”

“Of course, as you wish, ma’am. There’s a cloth laundry hamper in the closet for your convenience. Simply place the garment in the bag and hang it outside the door.”

“Wonderful, how soon can you have it back to me?”

“Two hours, ma’am.”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

As promised a zippered sack with the hotel’s logo hung in the spacious closet at the end of an assortment of expensive male clothing that smelled deliciously of Fergus. She breathed through her mouth to avoid the tempting distraction. This might have helped, except his essence coated her tongue and the addictive flavor eroded her control. She forced herself to move.

Since the hamper had plenty of space, she tossed in her unmentionables. Now came the hard part. She had to walk back into the living room past Fergus’s hungry eyes.

She stiffened her spine. Alpha bitches, who battled rogues nightly and won could certainly handle one oversize dreamboat, who was much too bossy and all wrong for her anyway.

After girding herself to snub him, the vacant room was a letdown. She hung the garment bag on a hook in the outer hall where their breakfast cart already waited. A nap would be a lovely way to fill the next two hours, if she’d been sleepy. Usually a long night of fighting followed by a heavy meal made sleep an easy choice, but this morning she was too restless.

Clad in nothing except a bathrobe, Vivian paced. She couldn’t leave the suite unless she wanted to make a spectacle of herself, and blending in with the humans was a responsibility she and every other sane wolf took seriously. Rogues didn’t give a damn, which added to the threat they posed. Thankfully, they were unable to shift and had little mobility in daylight, factors that made discovery slightly less likely.

She scanned the living room and balcony again. No Fergus. He could have left during the time she’d lingered in his closet, sniffing his clothes. Her sensitive ears caught most sounds, but he moved with uncanny quiet, especially for such a big male. Perhaps he’d learned how to block his thoughts too. She picked up nothing.
Honesty forced her to admit she longed for more of Fergus’s smoldering glances, rousing caresses, and passionate kisses. She wanted to be swept her off her paws and made to surrender. Instead the infuriating male pampered her and catered to her every whim.

Dark memories of her first intimate encounter tumbled in, bringing echoes of her soul-sickening sexual domination. A hard-won bit of self-knowledge. Whether fighting rogues, leading the pack, or negotiating with the vampires, she always dominated, giving no quarter and asking for none. Yet behind closed doors with a potent male, she yearned for nothing more than to serve him, although she knew instinctively he had to win her compliance.

She’d started to think Fergus might be the dog of her dreams—an Alpha strong enough to dominate her. Until the gorgeous male turned into Mr. Nice Guy—a too considerate eager beaver.

Should she settle for a slave when she wanted a master, or pass up the rare chance for the skin-on-skin intimacy her whole body craved?

Coming October 29th from Loose Id!

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A Promise of Amber Cover Reveal

October 15, 2013 | Cover art,Teaser Tuesday

Treeland Pack II

This is one of those happy times when I found models who matched the characters in my head. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this story? :heart:

It’s already live on Amazon!

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First Sneak peek at A Scarlet Past

October 11, 2013 | Fan Girl Friday

From the story’s beginning:

The Thunder moon rode low in the western sky. Ominous black–bottomed clouds streamed past the pocked lunar face, masking the glow of moonlight. The scent of a coming storm scoured the muggy summer air clean. Fergus sniffed appreciatively and strode deeper into Central Park.

If tonight’s meeting with the local Alpha leader went well, he’d have new identity papers, reenlist, and be back killing Germans in a few weeks. It couldn’t happen soon enough for him.

Too many of the vampire Nazis had gone crazier than usual with blood lust. Battlefield violence broke the minds of the German bloodsuckers in frightening numbers. Tales of their horrific rampages surfaced, threatening human discovery of the monsters in their ranks.

Scarier for the packs, werewolves were turning rogue—a dangerous mutation of Alpha males—at an unprecedented rate. The mysterious phenomena cracked the link to their humanity, changing them into mindless beasts with an insatiable hunger for terror and death. No one completely understood what broke an Alpha, but stress was a big factor. The horrors of the Second World War stripped the humanity from both the best and the worst of far too many of their most powerful males with ruthless equality.

An icy awareness of just how close he’d come to madness shuddered through him. The memory gave him a case of the heebie-jeebies and sent an unwelcome jolt to his still-aching wound. He locked his jaw and leaned more heavily on his cane. Goddess damn all SS bloodsuckers and the mortar round that blew off his rear leg. The wound put him out of the fighting and got him a one-way ticket back to the States. He’d been forced to leave the VA hospital against medical advice to conceal his nonhuman rate of healing. A few nights holed up at the Plaza in fur accelerated his recovery.

Now the cursed regrowing limb, near full size, was still weak and hurt with hell’s own fire. He refused to give in to the pain. Sheer orneriness made him push harder.

Gasoline fumes blended with rotting meat—the stench of rogues—seared his keen nostrils. The sounds of scuffling, snarling, and snapping confirmed the ugly news of a fight in progress.

Back with another excerpt next Friday!

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A Scarlet Past Cover Reveal

October 8, 2013 | Cover art,Teaser Tuesday



Retro cover coolness!

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Smile maker

October 4, 2013 | Friday funny


Good dog!

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