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TEY: Demon Hunters II

Tey  500 X 750


Miranda has crushed on Tey forever. Demon biology, great timing, and a scarcity of female demons conspire to make mating with the irresistible earth demon a sure thing. Saving Tey’s life makes her dreams come true, almost. If he loved her back she’d be thrilled, but he doesn’t even like her.

Warning: This story contains a desperate Dom, a hot-tempered sub bound together by passion and biology and love. There’s bondage, verbal sparring, and lots of inhuman sex.

Still a bit light-headed, Miranda paused for another moment, tucking in her silk blouse, and adjusting her decorous black trumpet skirt. Out of delaying tactics, she moved to the connecting door between their offices. With one last calming breath, she turned the knob and entered the next room quiet as gas fueled burn.

Duec grumbled, “Miranda’s perfect for you.”

“Not a good idea.”

Her stomach flipped at the sound of Tey’s deep velvet voice, and knotted at his definite rejection. She swallowed hard to force down the belch of fire that rose in her throat. A conspicuous, angry puff of sulfurous smoke would only add embarrassment to humiliation.

She avoided looking at either male as she crossed to the credenza and adjusted a leaning stem in the fresh bouquet of crimson roses. Afraid to face Tey, she moved to Duec’s right and darted a peek at her boss.

He hadn’t noticed her discomfort. His focus was lasered in a glare at the sinfully handsome Tey.

Duec dropped another octave into dangerously even tones. “What did you say?”

“Not a good idea, sir.” Tey lolled in one of the roomy visitor’s chairs, but his arms were crossed in defiance.

With the males focused on each other, she took advantage of the opportunity to study her idol in his human glamour. Strands of glossy jet-black curled around his head, others tickled the neckline of his equally inky T-shirt, and one wayward rebel grazed his elegant eyebrows calling attention to thick lashes and midnight eyes. As irresistible as ever, he sprawled with casual grace, one steel toed booted foot resting on the opposite cocked knee. She’d never seen his demon form, but she could imagine sensuous bronze scales that glowed with magic over powerful musculature. She would melt on the spot. A sigh of longing escaped from her throat.

“Not your choice,” Duec reminded him. The rigid mask of his harsh features an obvious sign Tey’s tardy “sir” had failed to appease him.

Tey angled, impressive muscles rippled across his torso as he aimed his panty-melting smile at Miranda.

“What do you think? You don’t want to play with me anyway. Do you, beautiful?”

A typical clueless male. She managed to keep a smoky snort of derision from erupting. I’ve want you most of my life, you big jerk. That you don’t feel the same way, even when your only alternative is death, hurts far more than I had ever imagined.

The expensive e-pad slipped from her numb fingers. Wildfire roiled in her belly while her body froze, and her throat closed.

A flash of temper followed the second of paralysis. What a stupid, selfish male. Nothing was worse than death. Doesn’t he care the cadre would be down to six warriors? It wasn’t like they can pull a new warrior off the streets. A killing machine took years to train and Duec and the others were always too busy to start a recruiting program.

“You need the release,” Duec insisted flatly.

She turned her back to her boss, made herself meet Tey’s gaze, and flinched. The pity twisting his handsome features kicked the last fragments of her dreams straight into the gutter.

“I have a million things to do between now and Friday,” she blurted.

Duec raised a single eyebrow. “I’ll take care of them.”

He would too. Her face heated with anger and bruised pride, but she knew what had to happen. She snapped her mouth closed, swallowed a hard lump of resentment, and lifted her chin. “I will serve Tey as his submissive.”

The boss angled his demanding expression toward his hunter.

“Whatever you say, sir.” Tey grinned at Miranda, but the smile didn’t touch the hateful compassion in his eyes.

Tey had three options: instant death; insanity followed by a slow death; or using her. She’d read the truth in his familiar, gorgeous face. He’d only agreed out of pity.

The fire in her belly seethed and not in a good way.

“Excellent,” Duec boomed. “You’re off the roster for a week. Rehearse now. You’re hosting the Dom intro class this Friday night at seven. Do not even think about blowing it off.” Duec’s harsh voice made the blunt words commands and snapped Tey’s attention back to him. There was dominant, and then there was DOMINANT. Duec’s power vibrated through the orderly office.

He hadn’t even spoken to Miranda, but she couldn’t imagine refusing to obey.

Tey unwound, stretched, and rose smoothly to his full seven feet of devastating male earth demon—the most sensual of all the elementals. Moving with way more grace than anyone that big should be able to pull off, he scooped up her intact e-pad from where she’d dropped it. He set the device on the corner of Duec’s vast desk. Then he swiveled toward her and held out his hand. He turned down the wattage on his pearly white grin to friendly warmth. “You heard the boss. Let’s go, beautiful.”

Stunned wordless, she accepted his offered arm.

At the first, simple touch, a tingle of erotic tension jangled her from her pointy horns clear down to her curled toes.

Oscar Wilde’s cynical words played in her head, mocking her. “When the gods wish to punish us, they grant our wishes.”

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